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If you have trouble downloading the files on this page, you can email us at co(at)

If you have downloaded the latest client (starting from version 6256 and (CO Mac 1703) from the client for PC and client for Mac page, you can only download PC Patch 6257-6260(1.58MB) or Mac Patch 1705-1720(21.06MB).

Before you install any of the patches, please make sure that you have completely exited the client, or you may fail to update the client successfully.

Date For PC For Mac Content
Patch Size Patch Size
05/26/2016 PC Patch 6260 1.18MB Mac Patch 1721 929KB Detail
05/25/2016 PC Patch 6259 958KB Mac Patch 1720 929KB Detail
05/20/2016 PC Patch 6258 1.42MB Mac Patch 1719 1.61MB Detail
05/20/2016 PC Patch 6258 1.34MB Mac Patch 1718 0.98MB Detail
05/19/2016 PC Patch 6257 1.34MB Mac Patch 1717 1.47MB Detail
05/17/2016 PC Patch 6256 3.08MB Mac Patch 1716 1.47MB Detail
05/16/2016 PC Patch 6255 5.15MB Mac Patch 1715 1.54MB Detail
05/16/2016 PC Patch 6253 5.15MB Mac Patch 1713 1.47MB Detail
05/15/2016 PC Patch 6252 958KB Mac Patch 1712 2.43MB Detail
05/13/2016 PC Patch 6251 955KB Mac Patch 1711 1.77MB Detail
05/12/2016 PC Patch 6250 1.84MB Mac Patch 1710 1.77MB Detail

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