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If you have trouble downloading the files on this page, you can email us at co(at)

If you have downloaded the latest client (starting from version 6137 and (CO Mac 1633) from the client for PC and client for Mac page, you can only download PC Patch 6138-6185(27.10MB) or Mac Patch 1635-1673(31.40MB).

Before you install any of the patches, please make sure that you have completely exited the client, or you may fail to update the client successfully.

Date For PC For Mac Content
Patch Size Patch Size
02/04/2016 PC Patch 6185 1.30MB Mac Patch 1673 1.44MB Detail
02/04/2016 PC Patch 6183 1.70MB Mac Patch 1672 2.19MB Detail
01/28/2016 PC Patch 6182 1.31MB Mac Patch 1671 1.49MB Detail
01/21/2016 PC Patch 6181 1.21MB Mac Patch 1670 8.63MB Detail
01/14/2016 PC Patch 6180 4.90MB Mac Patch 1669 1.56MB Detail
01/12/2016 PC Patch 6179 1.74MB Mac Patch 1668 2.12MB Detail
01/09/2016 PC Patch 6178 955KB Mac Patch 1667 927KB Detail
01/07/2016 PC Patch 6177 4.81MB Mac Patch 1666 7.95MB Detail
01/02/2016 PC Patch 6176 15.0MB Mac Patch 1665 10.2MB Detail
01/02/2016 PC Patch 6175 7.46MB Mac Patch 1663 18.54MB Detail

More Patches...

PC Patch 6138-6185(27.10MB) or Mac Patch 1635-1673(31.40MB)

After you have installed the client, running Conquer will start the auto-patch process which will provide all the updates on the latest Conquer program. Sometimes depending on your network situation, the auto-patch process might not start properly. If the auto-patch does not start, you may manually download the patches to complete the installation of Conquer, and bypass the auto-patch process. The manual patch download will also be faster than the auto-patch process.

After all the patches are installed, you will be connected to the login interface.

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