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If you have trouble downloading the files on this page, you can email us at co(at)

If you have downloaded the latest client (starting from version 6075 and (CO Mac 1591) from the client for PC and client for Mac page, you can only download PC Patch 6076-6111(14.4MB) or Mac Patch 1592-1611(12.0MB).

Before you install any of the patches, please make sure that you have completely exited the client, or you may fail to update the client successfully.

Date For PC For Mac Content
Patch Size Patch Size
08/04/2015 PC Patch 6111 4.92MB Mac Patch 1611 6.25MB Detail
07/28/2015 PC Patch 6110 4.50MB Mac Patch 1610 1.02MB Detail
07/25/2015 PC Patch 6109 1.00MB Mac Patch 1609 0.99MB Detail
07/23/2015 PC Patch 6108 1.09MB Mac Patch 1608 1.15MB Detail
07/21/2015 PC Patch 6107 965KB Mac Patch 1607 938KB Detail
07/16/2015 PC Patch 6106 4.01MB Mac Patch 1606 2.33MB Detail
07/15/2015 PC Patch 6105 2.07MB Mac Patch 1605 3.32MB Detail
07/11/2015 PC Patch 6103 6.15MB Mac Patch 1603 3.37MB Detail
07/09/2015 PC Patch 6102 6.15MB Mac Patch 1602 1.27MB Detail
07/07/2015 PC Patch 6101 1.69MB Mac Patch 1601 952KB Detail

More Patches...

PC Patch 6076-6111(14.4MB) or Mac Patch 1592-1611(12.0MB)

After you have installed the client, running Conquer will start the auto-patch process which will provide all the updates on the latest Conquer program. Sometimes depending on your network situation, the auto-patch process might not start properly. If the auto-patch does not start, you may manually download the patches to complete the installation of Conquer, and bypass the auto-patch process. The manual patch download will also be faster than the auto-patch process.

After all the patches are installed, you will be connected to the login interface.

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