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Patch 7670: New Rare Yellow Runes and Ideal Rune, Conquer Domino Events, Rune Lucky Wheel Event and More

Date: 2024-01-08 19:00 Source: Official Views:
We're glad to announce that Patch 7670 will be released on Jan. 9th.
Note: You must be sure that the client is completely closed before patching, otherwise the patch may not be installed correctly and you won't be able to login the game.
Highlights of Patch 7670
Conquer Online:
New Rare Yellow Runes and Ideal Rune
3 new Rare Yellow Runes and 1 Ideal Rune will be released on Jan. 9th. Please check out the details here.
January Grand Sale
The January Grand Sale will be from Jan. 9th to Jan. 29th.
Rune Lucky Wheel Event
The Rune Lucky Wheel event will be from Jan. 9th to Jan. 29th. Players can get new Rare Yellow Runes from the Lucky Wheel.
Daily Activeness Interface Optimization
Explore the revamped Daily Activeness interface for a fresh experience!
Conquer Domino:
1. The Hold'em Match will kick off on January 12, offering a grand prize of 1 billion Silver for the 1st-place winner! Join and seize the opportunity to claim rich rewards!
2. The Points Shop is about to open! Players can soon redeem Points for rewards like smartphones, phone top-up cards, Silver packs, and more.
3. The MMT event has been enhanced. The Diamond Cup at 13:00 now rewards Points, which can be exchanged for various items in the Points Shop.
4. The Partner Program is about to launch! Players who invite new participants can receive up to 20 million Silver as rewards and a Referral Fund of 50 million.
5. New players now enjoy improved experience and upgraded rewards, with the chance to earn up to 100 billion Silver through events like Rookie Dash and 7-Day Sign-in. Exclusive beginner gameplay is also available.
6. The poker cards sold by the Poker Seller have been adjusted to be non-tradable and will disappear when discarded.
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