• Establishment
  • Pledge Loyalty
  • Recruitment & Bulletin
  • Promotion/Discharge
  • Union Ranking
  • Union Tokens
  • Quit
  • Establishment

    • If there are no Unions formed in the server, the first winning guild of the Guild War will automatically become a Union.

    • To create a Union at the Guild Director (TC 271,294), Guild Leaders must meet the requirements listed below:

    - Submit 3,000 CPs from Guild Fund
    - Level 9 Guild
    - Ranks Top 8 in this server's CTF contest.

  • Pledge Loyalty

    • Other guilds can pledge loyalty (join) to this Union. When a Guild Leader decides to join a Union, the whole guild follows and pledges loyalty automatically.

    • Individual heroes who haven’t registered in any guilds can also pledge loyalty to a Union.

  • Recruitment & Bulletin

    • The Union Leader can release statement regarding recruitment to attract more talents.

    • The Union Leader can issue bulletins which are visible to all Union members.

  • Promotion/Discharge

    • Every Union Leader can consume Union Fund to declare Plunder War against any Kingdom in any server between 00:00 and 20:00, from Wednesday to Friday. When the war starts at 20:30 on the issue date, go loot Gold Bricks from the target Kingdom’s Treasury (TwinCity 315,281), and submit the bricks to the Kingdom Mission Envoy (284,293) in your own server. After the war lasting for 1 hour, the Union with the most Gold Bricks in your server will promote to Kingdom, while the former reigning Union will be discharged.

  • Ranking

    • Unions are ranked according to their Gold Bricks amount for the Union Ranking of your own server and cross-server.

  • Union Tokens

    • Loot Token
    From Wednesday to Friday, every Union Leader can consume Union Fund to declare Plunder War against any Kingdom in any server between 00:00 and 20:00. When the war starts at 20:30 on the issue date, the Union members are asked to loot Gold Bricks from the target Kingdom’s Treasury (TwinCity 315,281), and submit the bricks to the Kingdom Mission Envoy (284,293) in their own server.

    • Summon Token
    Call all Union members above Level 120 of 2nd-reborn together to fight side-by-side

    • Reward Token (Coming Soon)

  • Quit

    • Common Members: Individual members who are not in any Guild can directly quit the Union, while guild members should quit their Guild first.

Kingdom Missions
  • Kingdom Missions – [The Realm]
  • [The Realm] - The Undercover
  • [The Realm] - Struggle for Ores
  • [The Realm] - Doom of Beast
  • [The Realm] - Evil Invasion
  • Kingdom Missions – [The Realm]

    • Level 110+ of 1st-reborn heroes can take cross-server missions from the Kingdom Mission Envoy (284.293), and travel to the Realm or other servers with his help.

    • There are 4 missions to carry out in the Realm: The Undercover, Struggle for Ores, Doom of Beast and Evil Invasion.

    If you want to go back your server, you can check out the position of Cross-server Keeper of your own server in the map and talk with him.

  • [The Realm] - The Undercover

    • Travel to the Realm.

    • Contact any 3 of City Lurker, Mr. Mystery, Military Spy, Official Agent, and Travelling Scout, and collect their intelligence.

    • Return to your own server, and deliver the intelligence to the Kingdom Mission Envoy to earn yourself a reward.

  • [The Realm] - Struggle for Ores

    • Travel to the Realm.

    • Locate Magic Crystal, and break it to collect small or big Magic Ores.

    • Return to your own server, and submit the ores to the Kingdom Mission Envoy to earn yourself a reward.

  • [The Realm] - Doom of Beast

    • Travel to the Realm.

    • Kill the Thunder Dragon in the Realm.

    • Report back to the Kingdom Mission Envoy in your own server, and claim your reward.

  • [The Realm] - Evil Invasion

    • Travel to the Realm.

    • Kill the Warrior of Rage and enemies from other servers to earn 300 Strike Points.

    • Report back to the Kingdom Mission Envoy in your own server, and claim your reward.

Tempest Wings
  • How to Obtain
  • Improvement
  • Bonus Attributes
  • Appearance and Rules
  • How to Obtain

    • 2 ways to obtain the Tempest Wings

    1. Tempest Wings Quest: Heroes who have reached Level 100 or got reborn can take this quest from the Taskmaster Chang in Job Center in Twin City. Completing the quest will bring you a pair of Elite Tempest Wings. You can check the page to learn more about the quest.

    2. Shopping Mall: Pay 1290 CPs to buy Super Tempest Wings from the Shopping Mall, or 1290 CPs (B) for Super Tempest Wings (B).

  • Improvement

    • Reach at least Level 100 to equip the Tempest Wings.

    • Composing: Enhance the Tempest Wings by composing it with +Stones or same items on the Forging interface. Different from other equipment, +12 Tempest Wings can be further composed, up to 2,000,000 points of progress.

    • Socket: make sockets in the Tempest Wings, and embed with Thunder Gem or Glory Gems on the Forging interface.

    • Tempest Wings cannot be blessed.

  • Bonus Attributes

    • Super Tempest Wings gives bonus attributes: Damage, Magic Damage, -Damage and -Magic Damage

  • Appearances and Rules

    The appearance of Tempest Wings at different bonus level: +5, +6 to +12 and above +12 respectively.

    • Tempest Wings are rare talisman. While in one screen, only the hero who has Tempest Wings of the highest bonus level above +6 can spread the wings; 2 – 6 heroes can fold their wings; and others’ wings will not be shown. If 2+ heroes are equipped with +12 Tempest Wings, the one with the most Composition points can spread his/her wings.

Other Improvements
  • Champion Points Acquisition
  • Champion Points Exchange
  • New Servers
  • Classic Servers
  • Other Events' Time
  • Other Optimization
  • Champion Points Acquisition

    • Champion's Arena will be cancelled, while heroes can still collect Champion Points from the following events:

    Quest Champion Points
    Kingdom Missions 100
    Kingdom Mission - 150 Credit Gift Pack 50
    Kingdom Mission - 300 Credit Gift Pack 100
    Use Chi Token 100
    Destroy Realm Fortress 100
    Activeness Pack 100
    Eliminate P-7 Boss 200
    Kill Banshee 100
    Kill Spook. 50
    Kill Spook 2 100
    Kill Spook 3 200
    Horse Racing 100
    CTF 100
    CS-CTF 100
    Guild War 100
    Jiang Hu Training 10 times 100
    Consume 500 Chi Points 100
    Compete in Qualifier 1 time 100
    Compete in Qualifier 3 times 150
    Compete in Qualifier 5 times 200
    Compete in Qualifier 7 times 200
    Win 7 fights in Qualifier 250
    Compete in Team Qualifier 1 time 100
    Compete in Team Qualifier 3 times 150
    Compete in Team Qualifier 5 times 200
    Compete in Team Qualifier 7 times 200
    Win 7 fights in Team Qualifier 250

    • The Champion Points a hero can get each day is no more than 650. Heroes can get daily Champion Points from any event with ease.

  • Champion Points Exchange

    • Combine Honor Store, Horse Racing Store, and Champion’s Arena Store into Point Store. You can enter the store by clicking on Store button on Qualifier interface.

    • Exchange Champion Points for more items:

    A Random Garment Pack
    Chi Frozen Pill
    Vital Pill
    Protection Pill
    Free Training Times
    +1 Steed Pack(B)
    +3 Steed Pack(B)
    +1 Stone(B)
    +2 Stone(B)
    +3 Stone(B)
    Meditation Pack
    7 Star Pouch
    Serenity Pouch
  • New Servers

    • New servers are protected from invasion in the first month. Players from new servers can participate in the Kingdom Missions, and attack other servers, but players from other servers cannot invade new servers.

    • New Server Benefit: Each Level 90+ hero can claim 50 Champion Points and 430 Potency Points while logging in every day.

  • Classic Servers

    Classic servers remain the same, except that players can take cross-server missions in the Realm. And server transfer will be available from October 15. Heroes who transfer from classic servers during the period of Oct.15th to Oct. 31th will be rewarded with Super Heaven Fan (+3) and Super Star Tower (+3). The rewards will go to your in-game mail box in several business days and you can claim the rewards.PK tournaments are well rescheduled in the Kingdom War.

  • Other Events' Time

    • PK tournaments are well rescheduled in the Kingdom War.

      Before After
    Team Qualifier 11:00 - 13:00
    19:00 - 21:00
    8:00 - 12:00
    13:00 - 23:00
    Class PK War (every Monday) 14:00 - 15:00
    22:00 - 23:00
    19:30 - 20:30
    Skill Team PK Tournament (every Wednesday) 19:55 - 20:30 19:45 - 20:30
    Elite PK Tournament (every Friday) 20:00 - 21:00 19:55 - 20:30
    Clan War 20:00 - 21:00 20:30 - 21:00
    Kingdom War (every Wednesday to Friday) None 21:00 - 21:30
  • Other Optimization

    • Plunder War will take place in the center of Twin City, so several NPCs will be placed in new spots.

    DailyQuestkEnvoy will be put in (249, 235) in Twin City.
    TaoistYun will be put in (261, 240) in Twin City.
    MoonPackRetailer will be put in (311, 246) in Twin City.
    TCWarder will be put in (342, 228) in Twin City.
    Mr.Wang will be put in (296, 240) in Twin City.

    • During Plunder War, if you are with a union or a kingdom which is under a plunder war against unions from other servers, you may be attacked by heroes from other servers in Twin City.

    • The rewards from the lottery are optimized. The Heroes could get Tempest Wings from lottery.

Hot Events
  • Kingdom War Joyous Pack
  • Prosperity Pack
  • Events for All Players
  • Exclusive Welfare to Welcome Veterans Back
  • Duration: Oct.15-Oct.17
    Requirement: Lvl.80 heroes or above.
    Description: During the event, all heroes can log in the game and claim the pack of that day in your bag.

    Level Pack Item
    Level 80~140 JoyfulCelebrationPack Stone(+1)(B)
    Level 1~140 of the 1st rebirth LuckyCelebrationPack Stone(+1)(B)*2
    2nd rebirth + BlessingCelebrationPack 100ChiPts(B)
  • • We have optimized Prosperity Pack for new character, to help heroes get stronger soon.

    Level Name Count
    1 Silver 500
    5 PrayingStone(s)(Bound) 2
    10 AncientPill 10
    15 AncientPill 5
    TwinCityGate 3
    20 L30RefinedGearPack 1
    25 AttackPot(30m) 3
    DefensePot(30m) 3
    30 CastleGate 3
    ExpPotion(Bound) 1
    35 Meteor(Bound) 1
    Random Dance(Bound) 1
    40 ExpPotion(Bound) 1
    Meteor(Bound) 1
    45 Steed 1
    50 L60UniqueGearPack 1
    55 Meteor(Bound) 1
    ExpPotion(Bound) 1
    60 Meteor 1
    Stone(+1)(Bound) 1
    L60UniqueGearPack 1
    65 Meteor 1
    Stone(+1)(Bound) 1
    PrayingStone(s)(Bound) 1
    70 Meteor 1
    Stone(+1)(Bound) 1
    Emerald 1
    75 Meteor 1
    Stone(+1)(Bound) 1
    Random NormalGem 1
    80 L90EliteGearPack 1
    85 Meteor 1
    Stone(+1)(Bound) 1
    90 Meteor 1
    Stone(+1)(Bound) 1
    ExpBall(Bound) 1
      L90EliteGearPack 1
    95 Meteor 3
    EliteHeavenFan(Bound) 1
    100 Meteor 3
    EliteStarTower 1
    PrayingStone(s)(Bound) 1
    Silver 20000
    105 Unique tempest wing 1
    CPS(B) 50
    110 9 Lily 1
    3 Lily 2
    Meteor 3
    Stone(+1) 1
    MoonBox 1
    115 ExpPotion 2
    ExpBall 1
    Meteor 3
    Stone(+1) 1
    Garment 1
    120 L110SuperGearPack 1
    CelestialStone 1
    PrayingStone(s) 1
  • Events for All Players

    Events Event Form Rewards
    Achievements Heroes can collect Reward Points through signing, killing bosses, Jiang Hu Training, Chi Study, crediting, consumption, winning in PK tournaments and so on. Hand in the Reward Points to NPC and claim rewards from the event page. A lot of Vital Pills, Favored Training Pills, Senior Training Pill, CPs (B), Fiery Dragon of Hades Version, Epic Weapon Token, Chaos Ripper Scroll, rare garment, etc.
    Kingdom War Ranking There are 2 rankings: Gold Brick Ranking and War Exploit Target Ranking. Gold Brick Ranking is based on the amount of Unions’ Gold Bricks. War Exploit Target Ranking is for all heroes who earn War Exploits from the Kingdom Missions. After fighting in the Kingdom War and competing for the rankings in the game, heroes check the results or claim rewards on the event page. Silver,CPs,Favored Training Pill, Senior Training Pill, Vital Pill and new rare garment.
  • Exclusive Welfare to Welcome Veterans Back

    Event Event Form Rewards
    Account Value Rebate Veterans can check their account value when they log onto the event page. Account value can be exchanged into dollars and spin the wheel. Big Permanent Stone, +8 Stones, rare garment, Epic Weapon Token, Chi Points, Mystery Fruit, Demon Boxes, etc.
    Beckon Old Friends to Return You can check the name list of veterans who have been absent from the game for a while, and then send welcoming codes to invite them back. Both of you can claim nice rewards if the veteran comes back. Veterans will receive Super Tempest Wings, while the hero sending invitation will be rewarded with a great number of CPs (B).
    Feast of Return As long as the Veterans are active enough, Meteor Rain, CP Rain and Dragon Ball Rain will fall on the land and everybody will bath in the joy. The whole server will enjoy a shower of Meteors Rain, CPs Rain and Dragon Balls Rain.