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  • For avoiding NPC of Mr. & Ms. Conquer in EU Server disappear earlier than US Server, the Final Race of Mr. & Ms. Conquer will be prolonged.

  • Enter the event map from Desert City (485,578). Find Underworld Guard (58,49) to learn the details and enter the Underworld. Thousands of years ago, spooky devils were imprisoned in the Underworld. Now, the seal of justice is weak, and this area is turning into an evil lair. Heroes, go to suppress the devils, and win yourselves great treasures.

  • We're glad to announce that Patch 6399 will be released on February 25th. Note: You must be sure that the client is completely closed before patching, otherwise the patch may not be installed correctly and you won’t be able to login the game.

  • Due to unexpected errors last week, some of the heroes experienced lags and disconnects during the period of Elite PK Tournament, Team PK Tournament and Extreme PK Tournament, which led to the result that the chances to win the tournament were lost. Regarding this issue, CO team decides to double the rewards for the respective groups of the PK Tournaments on the following servers this weekend.

  • Greetings, heroes. Still remember the very profitable event Underworld Devils? A new round of it is coming! From February 26th to March 4th, enter the event map at Desert City (485,578) to hunt for abundant treasures.

  • Joy Chi Party starts from February 23rd.

    • Kingdom War2015.10.15
    • Awakening
      of Monk
    • Texas Poker2016.03.10
    • Beyond
    • Show-hand2016.06.16
    • CO
    • Invincible
    • New Class
    • Conquer 3.0To Be Released
    CO WinnerCO Poker ClubCO for PCCO for MacCO for iOSCO for Android

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      Double Rewards for Skill Team PK on Several Servers
      Due to unexpected errors last week, some of heroes experienced lags and disconnects


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