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  • Surging Pirates

    Fearless pirates, go find the lost Heart of the Sea to get approval from the Mighty Lord of Sea, and you`ll be qualified to equip the mythical Epic Weapon!

  • Domino

    Domino is a family of games played with rectangular "domino" tiles. Each domino is a rectangular tile with a line dividing its face into two square ends. Each end is marked with a number of spots (also called pips, nips, or dobs) or is blank. The backs of the dominoes in a set are indistinguishable, either blank or having some common design.

  • Invincible Warrior

    In the beginning of the world, the Chaotic Deities were involved in a legendary war against the Evil Demons. In the war, one of the Deities achieved outstanding exploits, and was remembered as the “Miracle”.

  • Kingdom War

    War between Kingdom will start. Grand Battle Field will appear and prepare for Kingdom War.

  • King of Kung Fu

    After a whole year of dedicated work, we're going to unveil the biggest and costliest project that will introduce an awe-inspiring new character, Dragon Warrior, to all of you! This project will employ the highest stands of production, including motion capture technology!

  • Jiang Hu: the Chaotic Age

    The long-awaited Jiang Hu expansion, "Jiang Hu: the Chaotic Age", for Conquer Online is finally making debut on July 25th.

  • New Class-Pirate

    Jan. 11th, 2012, the long-awaited expansion to Conquer Online, titled Invasion of Pirates, raises its Jolly Roger flag in celebration of its launch. The new expansion introduces the swashbucklin' Pirate class to the non-stop action of the game.

  • CO FB Version

    Free MMO Conquer Online Facebook Version Preview Video

  • New Class-Monk

    Monks and Saints have a deep understanding of both physical and spiritual world! Their powerful martial skill and buff skill makes them a helpful member of the team!

  • Steed system

    You can breed unique horses in CO's expansion Raiding Clan.

  • New Class-Ninja

    Latest new class Ninja vid from .

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  • Garcia Merry Cris

    Hi, Conquer Online, Honestly I have so many memorable moments. Memories that cannot delete in my mind.My first day of this game .I have so many questions in my mind, I don't know how, I don't know what to do and I wondering why! There's so many people play this game, In Year 2003 Conquer Online is very simple and easy to leveling up the character there's no 2nd rebirth only first rebirth and the items is not socketed,That's all I remembered in Year 2003.But after that years I stop playing conquer, because my parents not allows me to play ,They said study first. After I graduated and I have also work .Year 2013 I buy laptop and I'm so happy I download conquer and at last I'm back conquer online I'm play back .I've notice there's many changes, Some of changes ive notice you can easy to hunt monster because theres auto hunt mode.I've started to communicate people finding friends ,and I had many good Friend so I ask them how to improve and level up my character, But I can't avoid enemies especially im very too weak so many people pk me or killed me it makes me disappointed,. I decided to purchase cps and buy items to improve my char. gears .One of my most memorable moments, there's someone help me in second rebirth place. He help me to guard me no one can interrupt me while I making quest of pure vigor. So that my character get 2nd reborn.I still remember his name ~HunteR~, She is the Queen before , I'm very happy that time.I've could imagine the queen help a noob like me! I join his guild DongFongYon, I never forget that time I'm very grateful, so I admire him, I wish myself that his character change into male gender because I want to marry him.One day I saw him in twin city and finally my wish come true his character turn to male gender, after a days pass by we meet in market and he whisper me he ask my name and I answer him I'm Merry cris and I'm girl from Philippines, after that he propose marriage to my character, and its begin of my good friendship to him but sad to say other people greedy in his ally guild, there are many problems some players don't like me to be in his guild and to be his wife because I'm not full +12, so I decided to quit and build on my own guild. I divorce him because im not comfortable many people jealous in me And that's the time our friendship has ended :( ... But I'll never forget you My king ~HunteR~ your always be my King,

    Character name: *SoSeoNo*

    Server: Kylin/Tiger

  • Mamalodin DM

    Non conquer players keeps on asking me why am I still playing conquer? “It just a game. A jumping game!” and my answer is always this: “Conquer Online is one of the reason why my childhood days were unforgettable. Conquer is my stress reliever. Conquer is the only game I fell in love with.” I started playing when I was in 5th grade. I am now a 4th year college. No matter how hectic my scheds are, I always find time to online. CHAMPION POINTS is LIFE!

    I have so much things to say but stay to the rule 100 words. Happy 15th Anniversary conquer. Thank you for giving joy to our lives. by the way this is 7even of Mausoleum.

  • قلبی سألنی علیگ

    My story in CO just in lucky : I am one from who love luckey and play Co to just try in luck.. I am play Co in2010 and my character was is ninga and just in 2011 I make more accs in game like 20 accounts and just try to make them more powerful and share in all events from 2012 to2014 I left the game but I back in 2015 I can't leave it for life I love poker I love demon box I love the CTF and I love all my friends in last year I win tournaments of poker and make a lots of money really co is good game and I am so happy to be in it for ever. 😍 😘

  • Yubert De Leon

    It was unforgettable moment since i play this game, my friend convince me to play this then i enjoyed it playing and it was fun . Year 2005 i play this and it so hard to get level fast and improving stuff like you must hunt or kill monsters to pick up the meteor .When the day started, the Guild war in our time it was 3am in the morning it was my first time to do that to woke up, to participate only in guild war to make it fast in leveling, that was my first time in my whole life to woke up that kind of time to play conquer hahahaha. I hope you like my story .

  • Bedo Adel

    I liked Conquer when i played it for the first time in 2010 ... i liked when i made stuff full super 😍 i was so so so happy at this moment ... i thought that if i kept playing i will be a king ❤ my next lovely moment when i made my stuff full 1 soc and puted a dragon gem in it 😊 i felt so powerfull and when the dragons was around me i liked this moment too ... now iam full +8 and my BP 353 ... i will not give up ... i will make my dream true and one day i will be a king ❤

  • Khaled Ahmed

    For me co wasn't just game,it was a full life,10 years ago,it was my first time to communicate with overseas friends,his name was chan from China,played with a character called sexy angel, he was truly awesome,i had his mail and we were in contact all time,but times roll,and study took my time,also i lost my mail ,so i lost my communication with him,if you are there i want to tell you miss you bro.

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