Fire Taoists and Water Taoists derived from the same Taoism. So they both pursued the harmony between the nature and humans. Lord Zhenwu left behind the five divine beasts to guard the world, and refined Taoist Tools so that later Taoist disciples can eliminate demons and defend the Tao.

Magnetic Light

Inner Being

Magnetic Light

Taoist Tool

Complete the quest to unlock Taoist Tools and defend the world.

Black Jade Match

You can match Taoist Tools with Black Jades freely. The better the Black Jades, the better the bonus attributes. Different jades will add different bonus attributes.

Taoist Tool Ranking

You can use specific material to upgrade Taoist Tools. Different materials will increase different amounts of points. No.1 on Tool EXP Rankings will get additional bonus attribute.

New Rune

The event is under preparation.
Coming soon!