Experience a Unique Chaotic Age, Only in CO!

  • New Mode Jiang Hu PK

    Now, Conquer Online has entered a new age, where PK actions can take place anywhere you're in Jiang Hu. Once you step into the Age of Jiang Hu, the whole world becomes your battlefield! You will search out and finish off the endless number of opponents who also chose to walk this path, gaining a higher status that can reward you with the spiritual energy used in your own training. You'll do this all without gaining PK points or worrying about losing anything but pride!

  • New Power Art of Chi You

    There were 9 forms of power that Chi You gathered: 禮 (Principle), 勇 (Braveness), 孝 (Filial Piety), 仁 (Kindheartedness), 忠 (Loyalty), 信 (Faith), 智 (Wisdom), 義 (Righteousness) and 忍 (Endurance), each representing a rule of power in life. When one truly understands one of these beliefs, they will gain inner strength from that force.

    In the art of Chi You, there are multiple stages for every hero to explore, and each stage is comprised of 9 stars that you need to learn and unlock. There will be 15 attributes at 6 different levels, and the higher level it is, the better the quality. When you activate a star, you'll receive one attribute, such as P-Attack, M-Attack, Break or Crit Attack, at a random level.

    However, for you to assume a form of power, you'll have to unlock all of the stars! And when you take matching attributes for adjacent stars, they'll become aligned, allowing your powers to intensify!

  • New Customization Personalized Kung Fu and Skills