In-game Events

King of Kung Fu
Date: (11/ - )
King of Kung Fu

Exclusive Events
Date: (11/ - )
Exclusive Events for the Arrival of King of Kung Fu.

Chi Point Rebate for The New
Dragon Warrior Sales
Date: (10/30 - 11/30)
Special Packs await you!

Chi Point Rebate for The New
Chi Point Rebate for The New
Date: (10/30 - 11/13)
During the event, players that are Level 110+ of their 1st Rebirth will receive a Chi Point rebate when consuming a certain amount of Chi Points.

Offline Events

Grand Gift Paack Giveaway
Grand Gift Paack Giveaway
Date: (10/28 - 11/30)
Claim a Grand Gift Pack to Obtain +8 Stibes or +12 Lee-Long Equipment! Grand Gift Giveaway!

Raise Demons & Wheel of Fortune
Date: (10/17 - 11/3 )
As you credit to gain Growth Points, the demon will upgrade when reaching the cap for each level. Each upgrade will give you a gift pack, which contains millions of Silver, Dragon Balls, Tough Drills, +Stones, CPs(B), and Chi Points! Also, there'll be an extra reward for players that reach certain levels!

Dragon Warrior Quiz
Date: (9/30 - 11/30)
answer questions & share quotes

Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame
Date: (Long Term)
To be a Hall of Famer requires hard work and strength, are you ready to be the strongest? Let's find out!

Account History Recovery (Starts from 12/31)
Account History Recovery
Date: (Starts from 12/31)
Get to know your character creation history better!

Adventurer's Pub (Starts from 5/20)
Adventurer's Pub
Date: (Starts from 5/20)
The Adventurer's Pub is a place where our honored VIP players can share and discuss their opinions with each other, and help decide the future of CO! The CO team will offer a new topic, each month.

Designer's Mailbox (Long Term)
Designer's Mailbox
Date: (Long Term)
Only letters about bugs or problems of in-game features or suggestions that would help improve CO are accepted and replied. We will pick 20 helpful letters each month, and those players will be rewarded with a$15.99 TQ Point card. The prize will be sent via an email so please make sure you leave a valid email address.