In-game Events

Evil Unleashed
Evil Unleashed
Date: (10/14 - 10/28)
During this event, you will receive a 'Demon Hunter Guide' in your inventory, after logging in. Read it to get clues to the 6 formulas that can be made from different monsters.

Battle of the Divine:StarArrow
Date: (10/7 10/14 10/21 10/28 11/4)

Battle of the Divine:StarArrow
Battle of the Divine:StarArrow
Date: (9/23 - 10/22)
On Sept. 23rd, the new server, Star Arrow, will be introduced to all the fans as part of the Battle of the Divine event. You can sign up for the new server any time you want when it opens.

Offline Events

Raise Demons & Wheel of Fortune
Date: (10/17 - 11/3 )
As you credit to gain Growth Points, the demon will upgrade when reaching the cap for each level. Each upgrade will give you a gift pack, which contains millions of Silver, Dragon Balls, Tough Drills, +Stones, CPs(B), and Chi Points! Also, there'll be an extra reward for players that reach certain levels!

Date: (9/30 - )
feel the power of dragon

Bruce Lee Quiz
Date: (9/30 - 11/30)
answer questions & share quotes

Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame
Date: (Long Term)
To be a Hall of Famer requires hard work and strength, are you ready to be the strongest? Let's find out!

Account History Recovery (Starts from 12/31)
Account History Recovery
Date: (Starts from 12/31)
Get to know your character creation history better!

Adventurer's Pub (Starts from 5/20)
Adventurer's Pub
Date: (Starts from 5/20)
The Adventurer's Pub is a place where our honored VIP players can share and discuss their opinions with each other, and help decide the future of CO! The CO team will offer a new topic, each month.

Designer's Mailbox (Long Term)
Designer's Mailbox
Date: (Long Term)
Only letters about bugs or problems of in-game features or suggestions that would help improve CO are accepted and replied. We will pick 20 helpful letters each month, and those players will be rewarded with a$15.99 TQ Point card. The prize will be sent via an email so please make sure you leave a valid email address.