In-game Events

2nd Ninja War Special Sale
Date: (8/12 - 8/21)
The Shadow Merchant will appear in Twin City (311,285), to hold a special sale in celebration of new Ninjas. He will sell valuable items like +8 Stones, Permanent Stones, and Ninja equipment at very favorable prices.

Privilege Month of Ninjas
Date: (8/12 - 9/11)
All ninjas will be able to get various kinds of privileges, including one more free chance to do daily quest, double prizes for Team PK tournament, and purchasing items at favorable prices!

Summer Holiday Events
Date: (8/5 - 8/14)
All Level 80+ heroes are invited to the Blood Arena between 18:00 - 18:15. The only rule is that there are no rules. The longer you fight, the more you win. Every 3 minutes, you can claim a Bravery Token from Ling Chiu.

Offline Events

Skillfully Fun. Incredibly Simple
Date: (7/24 - 8/7)
When you logon to the event page, you'll be given a card based on your in-game class. With the card, you can begin the events.

Fortune Hunter
Date: (8/12 - 8/31)
Players who credit certain TQ Point Cards will be able to earn Credit Points, which are needed to draw for prizes of different colors, which indicate different values. From low to high, it goes Grey, Green, Blue, Purple and Gold.

Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame
Date: (Long Term)
To be a Hall of Famer requires hard work and strength, are you ready to be the strongest? Let's find out!

Account History Recovery (Starts from 12/31)
Account History Recovery
Date: (Starts from 12/31)
Get to know your character creation history better!

Adventurer's Pub (Starts from 5/20)
Adventurer's Pub
Date: (Starts from 5/20)
The Adventurer's Pub is a place where our honored VIP players can share and discuss their opinions with each other, and help decide the future of CO! The CO team will offer a new topic, each month.

Designer's Mailbox (Long Term)
Designer's Mailbox
Date: (Long Term)
Only letters about bugs or problems of in-game features or suggestions that would help improve CO are accepted and replied. We will pick 20 helpful letters each month, and those players will be rewarded with a$15.99 TQ Point card. The prize will be sent via an email so please make sure you leave a valid email address.