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New Hourly Quest will be Update in Game

Date: 2019-03-14 00:11 Source: Official Views:

Attention, heroes!

The new hourly quest will be updated in game on March 14th, it will be a new permanent quest for you to complete every day, check out the details below. 

Note: You will get EXP reward directly when completing the quest at NPC, please plan accordingly.
Duration: Long Term
NPC: Universal Bank Manager at Twin City (355,401)
Requirement: Level 120 or Above
You can accept hourly hunting quests at NPC Universal Bank Manager.
The quest will be refreshed every hour. There are 3 quests in each round, and you can complete up to 5 rounds of quests every day. After 5 rounds, you will get 30 Min EXP and +1 Stone (B) for completing each quest.
Check out the rewards below.
1st Quest
30 Min EXP and +1 stone (B) * 5
2nd Quest
30 Min EXP and +1 stone (B) * 3
3rd Quest
30 Min EXP and +1 stone (B) * 1
And if you are lucky, you may get +5 Stone (B), +6 Stone (B), 7-Day -1% Blessed General Cat mount armor or 7-Day -1% Blessed Ice Phoenix mount armor as reward when completing quest.
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