Conquer 3.0, New Adventure, New Challenge!

Kingdom War

The Kingdom War finally hits CO land after a long wait. Are you tired of fighting in one server? Would you like to fight with heroes from other servers? Are you looking forward to building a kingdom, creating your hegemony and ruling the whole kingdom? This will be true in Kingdom War! You’ll fight thousands for supreme power and honor. This October, join hands with CO, light the war fire and rule as an emperor!

Update: October.

Tempest Wings

It's often said that wings are the symbol of divine power. It's possible to hover in the sky and command the world with the aid of wings. Now CO has embraced a legendary rarity—Tempest Wings. They can not only lift your attributes, but provide you with super cool looking!

Update: October.

Perfection System

You will need sharp and refined weapons to meet new challenges. Perfection System will render your weapons stronger and more powerful. You will fight with ease in the battlefield with the aid of it. You will also stand out and manifest your uniqueness.

The Soul of Ancient Hero

In the violent and unstable CO land, you need more than teammates to fight with you. You will have a helper—the Soul of Ancient Hero! Once summoned, the Soul of Ancient Hero will become your own servant. He will fight with you in the CO land in a brand-new way. In the meantime, you need to forge exclusive weapons for him to better him. He will increase your attributes and put all to rout wherever you go.