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Trojan Epic Quest

Reward: Cross Saber

Requirement: Level 120+ or Reborn Trojan

Note: Each Trojan will be given one free “Energy”, which allows them to take the quest every day. It requires 90 Energies for the Trojan to complete the quest and earn ONE Cross Saber. Only the right hand weapon will be transformed into Cross Saber.

NPCs: Pak's Ghost (Twin City430,297); Super Mok (Twin City 466,400); General Pak (Olden Twin City 154,130); Monk Misery (Olden Twin City 082,166); Mr. Mirror (Olden Twin City 162,217)

Quest Item:

Name Description

Solar Blade Remain
This broken ancient blade looks plain and dull, but you can still sense a trace of the spirit inside.

Solar Scrap
A scrap of the Solar Blade. Collect 27 scraps, then seek help from General Pak to reforge the Solar Blade.

Solar Blade
This antique blade is quite intelligent. Combine with its spirit perfectly to get an Epic Weapon.

Solar Essence
Made from pure solar energy. Collect 99 pieces, then use them at the Divine Jade to extremely weaken the Flame Devastator's power.


  1. Only the one-handed weapons, including the Blade, Sword, Club, Axe, Whip, Hook, Dagger, Scepter, and Hammer, that the Non-Reborn Trojans can equip can be used to exchange for Cross Saber.
  2. All the Cross Saber possesses the same statistics, which are NOT affected by the kind of weapons you used to exchange.
  3. All the attributes will be inherited from the original weapons, including Composition, Sockets, Gems, Blessed Attributes, and even Poison Effect.
  4. The permanent Dragon Soul effect will remain, but the non-permanent Dragon Soul effect will disappear after the exchange. If you had Blade Soul purified, Cross Saber would have kept Blade Soul.
  5. You can purify Cross Saber with Dragon Souls for one-handed weapons, including Blade Soul, Sword Soul, Hammer Soul, et cetera.
  6. Weapon Skills, such as Phoenix, Rage, Penetration, et cetera, will NOT be kept for Cross Saber.
  7. Cross Saber is for the Trojan only. Other classes cannot equip Cross Saber. For instance, if you were a Trojan, and then reborn as a Warrior, you cannot equip Cross Saber, even if the Cross Saber is below Level 70.
  8. Breath Focus can only be learnt if you have done the Epic Quest 1 time, and Super Cyclone can only be learnt if you have done the Epic Quest 7 times. Fatal Cross and Mortal Strike require two Cross Sabers for the Trojans to perform.
  9. After rebirth, you'll have to re-learn Fatal Cross and Mortal Strike. Skill Proficiency will be reset and won't jump to previous state no more. 
  10. The Cross Saber can only be blessed when you reborn as Trojan - Trojan combination at the first rebirth. Of course, you can also use 5 Tortoise Gems at Wuxing Oven in market (178, 204) to make your Cross Saber blessed.


  1. All Trojans can talk to Pak's Ghost in Twin City (430,297), to learn more about the adventure for the Epic Weapons. Complete the tasks each day, and each Trojan will receive a reward after using 90 Energies. If you want to obtain the Epic Weapon fast, you can pay CPs to speed up the process!

  2. There are four stages for the Epic Quests:

    a. Stage One: Go find Super Mok in Twin City (466,400), and help him collect 27 Solar Scraps. Once all scraps are in position, you can seek help from Pak's Ghost in Twin City (430,297) to travel back in time to Twin City from 300 years ago.

    Note: This stage requires 27 Energies for you to complete.

    b. Stage Two: When you arrive in the Olden Twin City, you can talk to Monk Misery (082,166), and help him with the Evil Array.

    Note: This stage requires 23 Energies for you to complete.

    c. Stage Three: Go find Mr. Mirror in the Olden Twin City (162,217), and help him defeat the Ghost Reaver that lurks the town, and rescue Monk Misery from the Evil Array.

    Note: This stage requires 18 Energies for you to complete.

    d. Stage Four: Go to General Pak in the Olden Twin City (154,130) and extract Solar Essence from the solar energy, which will weaken the Flame Devastator's power.

    Note: This stage requires 25 Energies for you to complete. You can complete the tasks on the last day and first day of each stage.

  3. When all stages are complete and you defeat the Furious Flame Devastator in the Evil Array, the one-handed weapon (Blade, Sword, Club, etc.) you equip will be transformed directly into the epic Cross Saber!

    Note: All attributes will be inherited on the Cross Saber you earn from the Epic Quests. For instance, one +12 Blade will be transformed into a +12 Cross Saber.