• 1. Plunder War was set at 21:00-21:30 every Wednesday to Friday. Now it is shifted to 21:00-21:30 every Monday and Friday.

    2. Loot Token can only be issued against other servers and not the own server.

    3. During Plunder War, Unions can be killed by other unions in the same kingdom under Loot Mode.

    4. During Plunder War, when invading other servers, heroes won't be killed by other players with whom have no direct plunder issues.

    5. During Plunder War, Reinforce Token can only be used to aid other kingdoms, and not aid own kingdom.

    6. Inner Power can now only be shifted to partners, instead of anyone.

    7. Optimize information display during Plunder War. Heroes can go back to their own server through a specific button.

    8. Random Revive can be applied in Guild War, CTF and CS-CTF. Random Revive means that you don't need to spend silvers or CP, and don't need to wait and revive at a random spot.
    Random Revive is set by the system.
    Heroes below BP 360 can revive automatically regardless of shackle at a random spot.
    Heroes above BP 360 can use Random Revive. It has time limit. The higher the BP, the longer it takes. The longest limit is 45 seconds.

    9. Revive to Jail will be cancelled and altered as Revive in Twin City.