In order that everyone could have better experience of War of the Kingdoms, CO team has bettered the whole system. Now let's see it ourselves.

  • 1. Plunder War will start this Wednesday. The following picture depicts the spectacular occasion of Plunder War in Chinese Conquer!

    Duration: 21:00-21:30 every Monday and Friday.


    Kingdom VS Kingdom

    The emperor issues Loot Token and starts a plunder war towards another kingdom. During the Plunder War, heroes could travel to Twin City of hostile kingdom and rob the Gold Brick. If rival heroes attack you, you need to kill them to get Gold Bricks.
    After you get Gold Bricks, you could travel back to your server and hand in to your own Treasury.

    Union VS Kingdom

    After union leaders issue a Loot Token, heroes could start a plunder war towards the ruling union in the server or unions from other servers. After you successfully plunder Gold Bricks of the ruling union or hostile kingdoms, you could hand in them to Kingdom Mission Envoy in your own server.

    Settlement: At 22:00 every Wednesday to Friday, system will auto-calculate the quantity of Gold Brick in each union and the union that has the most Gold Bricks will come to power and become the ruling union (Kingdom).

    2. During Plunder War, two resurrection methods are added, immediate resurrection and random resurrection regardless of soul shackle.

    3. New feature: Dragon Shield. During the Plunder War, once the feature is activated, the Treasury will not be plundered in three minutes.

    4. Gold Brick Plunder will be bettered and Archer's Scatter Skill will not stop the process of plunder.