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Cats VS Dogs

Requirement: Level 80+

Duration: February 13th –March 12th


The epic battle between cats and dogs is on! Heroes can hand on relevant item to support dogs or cats.

By the way, Lion Simba will appear outside Twin City at 21:00 every day. You will get a surprised gift if you can defeat Lion Simba.

1. During the event, heroes can talk with General Husky (338,491) to claim an Intern Husky Pet.

2. Heroes can get a new skill: Summon Pet: Husky to summon an Intern Husky. Heroes can use Dog Food to feed your dog to upgrade it. When your pet upgrades to Level 5, you can keep it permanently. Heroes can purchase dog food from Quartermaster Samo (319,491).

3. The size of your pet will be growth with the level. Heroes also can get Samoyed or Golden Retrieve other pet by getting Samoyed or Golden Retrieve mount armor.

Item Price Description

Super Dog Food
8888 Feed it to your LV.5 dogs to upgrade it to the highest Level 6.

Natural Dog Food
27 Feed it to your dog to upgrade it up to Level 5.


Level Effect Upgrading Requirement
1 Size+15% 50 Natural Dog Food
2 Size+15% 100 Natural Dog Food
3 Size+15% 150 Natural Dog Food
4 Size+15% 200 Natural Dog Food
5 Permanent, size+20% 500 Natural Dog Food
6 Permanent, radiant light effect 1 Super Dog Food


4. Heroes need to hand on Bones or Sauced Bones to Commander Retriever to increase Dog’s Intimacy. Once heroes can increase your dog’s intimacy to 1000 points, heroes can claim permanent bound Husky mount armor.

Item Price Description

27 CP Submit it to Commander Retriever to increase your dog’s intimacy by 5 points. Expires on March 12th.

Sauced Bone
99 CP Submit it to Commander Retriever to increase your dog’s intimacy by 10 points. Expires on March 12th.

5. Heroes can get bones or sauced bones by using Chi Token, Realm Mission, Monster Hunting and Festival Dog Pack. And you can also purchase bone and sauced bone from Quartermaster Samo.

6. The Vigorous Tiger will back cats against dogs. Heroes can talk with General Husky (338,491) to transport to Tiger Hill to defeat Vigorous Tiger to support dogs. There are plenty of rewards waiting for you.

7. Handing on bones and sauced bones to Commander Retriever, heroes can get mount armor fragment, love dog necklace, dog food, etc. Once you shape your dogs mount armor, you can upgrade them to Radiant light version with love dog necklace randomly. And heroes also purchase from Quartermaster Samo (323,491) with CP directly.

Golden Retriever
(8,888 CP)

(6,888 CP)

(3,888 CP)

Radiant Golden Retriever
(18,888 CP)

Radiant Samoyed
(14,388 CP)

Radiant Husky
(8,888 CP)

Super Dog
(28,888 CP)

8. Heroes can also exchange them with Bone Supplier (336,504) for Sauced Bones.

Permanent Mount Armor Exchange Gift
Husky 5 Sauced Bones
Samoyed 10 Sauced Bones
Golden Retriever 15 Sauced Bones

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