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Inspired Dragon Warriors

Date: 2023-02-13 00:00 Source: Official Views:

Event: Inspired Dragon Warriors (Quest)
Duration: Long-term
Requirement: Level 80
NPC: Peach Village Entrance (Wind Plain 462,690)

1. Dragon enters your dream and tells you to go to Peach Village. When you wake up, the Peach Village Entrance appears in Twin City (Wind Plain 462,690), so you decide to have a look.

When you go through the Peach Village Entrance, you find the path to Peach Village has been hindered by monsters. So you have to clear them away first.

In Peach Village, you meet Temple Master, who helps you find Dragon, and Dragon tells you more about this village.

You go to visit Noble Master with respect. Noble Master tells you the secret of the Beast Power and passes some power to you so that you can help beasts enhance seals on monsters and fight against the ferocious monster Devourer.

2. You learn more about Mystic Beasts from Noble Master. Kunpeng is the first beast you look for. It dresses up as a human and blends in with the crowd. But you still find it and work with it to enhance a seal. The next beast you are going to look for is Suanni.

Suanni is very mysterious. According to the clues offered by the small beasts in the Bamboo Forest, you use Fire Grasses to set off fireworks and successfully bring out Suanni. After enhancing a seal with Suanni, your Beast Power is increased!

Next, you go to Phoenix Forest to look for Phoenix. Phoenix is very angry and tells you that the seal here has been broken. Phoenix hopes that you can protect it during resurrection and then fix up the seal together afterwards. In the end, the seal is fixed up.

At last, you arrive at Mt. Qingqiu in search of Nine-tailed Fox. This suspicious fox has created many illusions to hold up outsiders. After you shatter the illusions and go around, you find a dragon scale, which brings out Devourer Cubs! It is so strange! You have to go back to Peach Village with suspicion.

3. Since you have enhanced all seals, Noble Master unlocks the Beast Trial for you. The first trial is to challenge Dragon. It is not easy, but you still complete it. Dragon likes you and tells you how to upgrade the Resonance Level.

Then you return to Peach Village. Temple Master comes to congratulate you, though bringing some bad news. When you get there, Peach Village has been invaded by Devourer.

Temple Master suggests that you go to look for Noble Master and he call for aid. Noble Master promises to defend Peach Village and sends you to look over Demonlock Lake.

You encounter Dragon by Demonlock Lake. It is hurt by Devourer and wants your Beast Power. However, this is Devourer’s conspiracy! As you can hardly resist the attack, Mystic Beasts come to lend you a hand and seal Devourer again!

Peace returns to Peach Village. But this is not the end of your adventure. You need to keep growing and upgrade Resonance to unlock Suanni and Kunpeng. The responsibility of guarding the world requires diligent practice!


1. Unlocking Requirement:






Completing [Beast Trial]



Resonance reaching level 5



Resonance reaching level 10

2. The temperaments of beasts are different. Please pay attention to details!

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