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Dragon's Ascension FAQ

Date: 2023-02-14 00:00 Source: Official Views:
1. What is the level requirement for unlocking the Mythic Beasts system? How to unlock it?

The Mythic Beasts system unlocks when you reach level 80 and complete the [Beast Trial].
After unlocking this system, you activate the Dragon first, getting reinforced with its skills and bonus attributes.

2. How can I take the inspiring quests for Dragon Warriors?

Dragon Warriors will take the inspiring quests automatically when reaching level 80.
You may also claim such quests at the Peach Village Entrance (WindPlain 462,690).

3. How many mythic beasts are there?

There are three mythic beasts: the Dragon, Kunpeng, and Suanni.

4. Can I activate those mythic beasts at my discretion?

You may activate them in the order: the Dragon, Kunpeng, and Suanni.

5. What is the requirement for unlocking each mythic beast?


Mythic Beast




Complete the [Beast Trial].



Resonance with a mythic beast reaches level 5.



Resonance with a mythic beast reaches level 10.

6. How to upgrade Resonance with the mythic beasts? Is there any special item for upgrading that?

You can go to the Mythic Beast interface to upgrade Resonance with them. For more details, click here please.

7. What is the maximum Resonance level?

Resonance with a mythic beast is capped at level 60.

8. What are the bonus effects for activating the mythic beasts?

The three mythic beasts provide different bonus attributes. You may receive bonus Attack from the Dragon, bonus HP from Kunpeng, and bonus Defense from Suanni. For more details, click here please.

9. What are the Mythic Beast Rankings based on? How can I get listed?

Mythic Beast Rankings are classified according to their types and based on corresponding Resonance points. The more Resonance points, the higher the ranking.
You need at least 5,000 Resonance points to get listed on the overall and branch rankings. There is no experience requirement on weekly rankings.

10. Is there any new skill for Dragon Warriors?

After activating the mythic beasts, Dragon Warriors will get reinforced with corresponding active and passive skills. For more details, click here please.

11. Is there any new Rune for the Dragon’s Ascension version?

You can expect a new rare blue Rune named Megaquake which will be available in our March sale. For more details, click here please.

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