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Deity Land

Level Request: Level 120+
  1. Talk with Yu Koon in Dragon Island (455,481), he will send you to new hunting map—Deity Land.
  1. Hero can use Wonder Herb to exchange with Hau Kan (Deity Land 998, 1292) for reward.
  1. There are 5 kind of Beast in the Deity Land. Heroes can defeat these beasts to earn better reward (Like Epic Chest Key, Rare Chest Key, etc).
Appear Time
Queen of Evil
Deity Land (163,415)
19:10 and 21:10, every day.
Bloody Banshee
Deity Land (1020,698)
At 57 min past each hour, every day
Chilling Spook
Deity Land (484,176)
At 30 min past each hour, every day
Nether Tyrant
Random Location
At 45 min past each hour, every day
Dragon Wraith
Random Location
At 05 min past each hour, every day
  1. There are 2 kinds of chest will appear in the Deity Land randomly, heroes can claim wonderful reward from these chest with relevant chest key.
  2. Killing Beasts or monster in Deity Land will get some score and be ranked. Heroes who are in the rank can get better reward.(Note:Heroes can use Penitence Amulet to decrease PK point, but it needs 30 minutes to cool down) tim
  1. Heroes may get Yellow Runes or Jade of Faith by kill monster in Deity Land.
Jade of Faith
Sacrifice 10 jades on the Deity Altar to get a reward, 30 jades to get ranked and a senior reward. Go for top 10 prizes!
  1. Hand on Jade of Faith to Deity Altar (Deity Land 1018, 1288) can get a reward.
  1. Hand on 30 jades can get ranked. The Top 10 heroes in the rank can get a senior reward every day.
  1. There are 2 ways to get Relic Crystal:
Talk to Saint Taiyi (Deity Land 1017, 1280) to craft a Relic which has 3 attributes with 100 Relic Crystals. Attributes of Relic are appeared randomized.
Relic Crystal
It’s said that the magic crystal can be used to craft or repair the Relics.
Relic Spirit
Use DB or Meteor to randomly shape it into a Relic, once a day. Swap 30 Underworld Crystals for one at Taoist Taiyi.
Heroes also can use Relic Spirit which is exchanged with 30 Underworld Crystals and other items to craft a Relic.
  1. Once heroes are not satisfied about that, you can decompose Relic to random amount of Relic Crystal by talking with Nezha (Deity Land 1016, 1271).
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