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[08-29] Super Guild War to Begin in Utopia, Aug. 30th!
[08-29] Patch 5958: Royal Rummage Extended to Aug. 31st
[08-29] Fortune Hunter Ends Soon! Try to Win a +8 Stone!
[08-28] Notice: Labor Day Sale, Royal Rummage & Server Status!
[08-28] Notice: Utopia Server Login Issue to be Solved!
[08-28] Patch 5957: Improvement & Bug Fixes
[08-27] Utopia Express: iPhone 5s & CPs Winners Revealed!
[08-27] Labor Day Sale to Kick Off, Sept. 1st!
[08-27] Notice: Fatal Cross & Scent Sword Server Merge Postponed!
[08-26] Utopia Server Online Now! Join & Earn Rewards!
[08-26] New PvP Battlefield in New Server Utopia Begins Sep. 9th!
[08-26] Extended Maintenance for BabyIcey Server
[08-26] Patch 5955: New Server Utopia Opens!
[08-26] Equal Welfare in New Server Utopia, Aug. 26th!
[08-25] Mine Caves Return in New Server Utopia, Aug. 26th!
[08-25] Zero Tolerance on Bots in New Server Utopia, Aug. 26th!
[08-25] Elite Assembly in New Server Utopia, Aug. 26th!
[08-25] Double Rewards for Team PK on Mausoleum
[08-25] Fortune Hunter Welcomes a +8 Stone Winner!
[08-25] Compensation Event for Pyramid Server Begins, Aug. 29th!
[08-25] Patch 5955: Improvement
[08-22] Notice: Royal Rummage Difficulty Level Lowered!
[08-22] Patch 5953: Changes for Royal Rummage
[08-22] Conquer Online ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Event!
[08-21] Notice: Correction for Compensation Officer on Fire Server
[08-21] Patch 5952: Royal Rummage, Compensation Event & Bug Fix
[08-21] Fatal Cross to be Merged Into Scent Sword, Aug. 26th!
[08-20] Designer's Mailbox Winners (July)
[08-19] Important Notice: FAQ About New Server, Utopia!
[08-19] Hot Signup Process Continues for New Server, Utopia!
[08-19] AFC Update: Top 10 in PvP Revealed!
[08-18] Compensation Event for Fire Server Begins, Aug. 21st!
[08-18] Fortune Hunter Event Reveals 1st Winners!
[08-18] Double Rewards for Certain PK Tournaments
[08-15] Double Rewards for Skill Team PK on Twofold Blade
[08-14] Server Merge: Fatal Cross into Scent Sword by End of August
[08-14] Patch 5939 - 5951: New Character Selection & Bug Fix
[08-14] Fire & Storm Servers Back to Normal
[08-13] Compensation Event for Fire Server
[08-13] Emergency Maintenance for Fire Server
[08-13] Twofold Blade Server Back to Normal, More Stable!
[08-13] AFC (PvP) Ended, AFC (PvE) Extended to Aug. 18th!
[08-13] Patch 5939: Improvement
[08-13] Important Notice Regarding Illegal Purchases of CPs!
[08-13] Temporary Maintenance for Fire Server
[08-13] Cross-server Adventure: PvP Actions Disabled
[08-13] Ninja Test Server Offline, Twofold Blade Server Opens Aug. 12!
[08-13] Fortune Hunter Begins Aug. 12th! Hunt for Riches Now!
[08-13] Patch 5938: 2nd Ninja War, New Server & Special Sales
[08-13] Patch 5937: CS Adventure to Ninja Test Server for Group 2
[08-13] Cross-server Adventure: PvP Actions Allowed!
[08-13] Important Notice Regarding Fire Server
[08-13] Temporary Maintenance for Several Servers!
[08-13] Ninja Test Server: Experience Clip Revealed & Several Tips!
[08-13] Temporary Maintenance for Dragon Server
[08-13] Important Notice Regarding Ninja Test Server on Aug. 9th!
[08-13] Temporary Maintenance for Liberty Server
[08-13] Expansion Trailer Revealed! 2nd Ninja War Explodes, Aug. 12th!
[08-13] 2nd Ninja War Begins As Ninja Test Server Opens, Aug. 9th!
[08-13] Important Notice Regarding US Servers
[08-13] Extended Maintenance for Fire Server
[08-13] AFC Update: PvP Rankings for Heroes Like You!
[08-13] New Server “Twofold Blade” to Open, Aug. 12th!
[08-13] AFC Update: “Isaku” from Fire Server Catching Up!
[08-13] Hunting for Riches in Fortune Hunter, Aug 12th!
[08-13] Patch 5935 & 5936: Ninja Test Server & CS Adventure PvP
[08-13] World Cup Jersey Merchant Leaving Twin City, August 7th
[08-13] Important Notice Regarding Instability for US Servers
[08-13] 2nd Ninja War - New Skills Revealed!
[08-13] Change for Apex of the Forbidden City
[08-13] August Preview - 2nd Ninja War, The Purge, Fortune Hunter & More!
[08-13] Patch 5933: New Garment, Summer Holiday Events & More
[08-13] Patch 5932: Improvements
[08-13] AFC Update: #1 Challenger in the Sky Path
[08-13] New Features: Roulette & Cross-server Adventure
[08-01] Extended Maintenance for Dark Server
[08-01] Double Reward for Elite PK
[08-01] Apex of the Forbidden City On Hold Until July 28th
[08-01] Server Transfer Services Return
[08-01] Double Rewards for Skill Team PK Next Week
[08-01] Extended Maintenance for Select Servers
[08-01] Notice - World Cup Reward Exchange Back to Normal
[08-01] Notice Regarding World Cup Betting Pool
[08-01] Temporary Maintenance Scheduled for Select Servers
[08-01] Notice: Extended Maintenance for Select Servers
[08-01] Battle of the Divine: New Server "Breath Focus" Opens, July 17
[08-01] Extra Maintenance for Select Servers on July 10th
[08-01] CO Survey: Everything About Bruce Lee!
[08-01] Server Transfer to be Temporarily Disabled
[08-01] CO Survey: Your In-Game Engagement
[08-01] July Preview: New Server, AFC & Ninja's War II Expansion
[08-01] AFC to Offer Amazing Garments for Top 10 in PvP!
[08-01] AFC Update: #1 Challenger Interview
[08-01] AFC Update: #1 Challenger in the Sky Path
[08-01] New Features: Roulette & Cross-server Adventure
[08-01] AFC Walkthrough Clip Now Available!
[08-01] Designer's Mailbox Winners (June)
[08-01] Apex of the Forbidden City Begins, Now!
[08-01] AFC Special: What's Apex of the Forbidden City?
[08-01] Apex of the Forbidden City Brings Fun & CPs, July 24th!
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