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[02-27] Patch 6033: Lantern's Day Events & Bug Fix
[02-27] Prize Upgrades for Mr. & Ms. Conquer 2015! Join Now!
[02-27] Texas Hold'em Poker Tourney Audition Round Ends Feb. 28th!
[02-26] Patch 6032: Audition Round of Texas Hold'em Poker Tourney Extended
[02-26] Ms. Conquer 2014, Where Are You In Mr. & Ms. Conquer 2015?
[02-26] Extended Maintenance for All Servers
[02-25] Notice: Double Reward for Kingdom CTF on March 3rd!
[02-25] Important Notice Regarding Photos for Mr. & Ms. Conquer!
[02-25] Mr. & Ms. Conquer 2015 Current Top 3 Photos! Show Your Support!
[02-25] Audition Round Extended to Feb. 28th! New Schedule Revealed!
[02-24] Texas Hold'em Poker Tourney: Not In Top 180? Opportunities Here!
[02-24] Weekly Credit Rebate Stretches Into 2nd Week
[02-24] Mr. & Ms. Conquer Current Leaders, Ends Feb. 28!
[02-24] Fortune Board II Ends Soon, Roll to Win Now!
[02-23] Texas Hold'em Poker Tourney: Weekly Updated List of Qualified Players
[02-19] Show Your Support & Love for Your Mr. and Ms. Conquer 2015!
[02-18] Texas Hold'em Poker On Hot Stretch! Grab Last Chance!
[02-16] 3rd Round of Kingdom CTF Continues, Feb. 17th!
[02-16] Designer's Mailbox Winners (January)
[02-16] Valentine's Sale Offers Flowers & Items for Mr. & Ms. Conquer 2015!
[02-16] Weekly Credit Rebate Begins, Feb. 16th!
[02-16] Texas Hold'em Poker Tourney: Weekly Updated List of Qualified Players
[02-16] Patch 6031: Anti-Bot System Update
[02-15] Patch 6030: Mr. & Ms. Conquer Update & Bug Fixes
[02-15] Notice Regarding Mr. & Ms. Conquer Point & Rankings
[02-14] Texas Hold'em Poker Tourney Heats Up! Halfway through Audition Round!
[02-14] Mr. & Ms. Conquer 2015: Hairstyle & Weapon Accessory!
[02-14] Notice Regarding Mr. & Ms. Conquer Updates on Event Page
[02-14] Notice Regarding Removal of Mr. & Ms. Conquer Host(ess)
[02-13] Hand Drawings of New Taoist Skills Revealed!
[02-12] Mr. & Ms. Conquer 2015 All Set! Rewards Revealed!
[02-12] Everything About Mr. & Ms. Conquer 2015! Curtains Up, Feb. 13th!
[02-12] Patch 6029: Mr. & Ms. Conquer 2015, Valentine's Sale & More!
[02-11] Weekly Credit Rebate Ends Soon! Claim Your Box Now!
[02-11] Important Notice: Server Merge Postponed to Late February!
[02-11] Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament Rolling Hot! Are You All In?
[02-11] Temporary Maintenance for All Servers!
[02-11] Mr. & Ms. Conquer 2015 Begins, Feb. 13th! Be Ready!
[02-10] Notice: Round 3 of Kingdom CTF Postponed For A Week!
[02-10] Eve of Kingdom War: Forces Pile Up on Realm!
[02-10] Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament Update: Weekly Qualified Players Announced!
[02-10] Extended Maintenance for Select Servers
[02-09] Patch 6028: Valentine's Day Event & Bug Fix
[02-06] THP Tourney Update: Qualified Spots Vacant! Claim & Advance!
[02-06] New Warlord Server Achievement Winners Announced!
[02-06] Grand New Year Pack Giveaway Begins, Feb. 6th! Login & Stay On!
[02-05] Important Notice Regarding Audition for Texas Hold'em Poker Tourney!
[02-05] Texas Hold'em Poker Tourney Begins Audition! Must Read Info Posted!
[02-04] Removal of Christmas Furniture & Warehouseman for CO Vegas
[02-04] Feb Express: Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament, Mr. & Ms. Conquer 2015 & More!
[02-03] Patch 6027: New Warlord Server & Grand New Year Pack Giveaway
[02-03] New Warlord Server Set to Launch Feb. 5th! Make Reservations Now!
[02-03] Texas Hold'em Poker Deals Cards on Feb. 5th! Audition Heats Up!
[02-03] New Cross-server Groups Revealed! Effective, Feb. 4th!
[02-02] Server Merge for Twofold Blade & Breath Focus Servers, Feb. 12th
[02-02] Las Vegas Server to Shut Down After Maint, Transfer Immediately!
[01-30] Important Notice: All Servers Under Attack, Investigation Ongoing!
[01-30] Weekly Credit Rebate & Prizes Await You!
[01-29] Grand Gift Box Giveaway Enters Last Week! Login & Stay Online!
[01-29] Audition for Poker Tourney Kicks Off Feb. 5th! Book Your Spot!
[01-29] CO Vegas: Interview With Top-Ranked Player For God of Gamblers
[01-28] Extended Maintenance for Dark Server
[01-28] CO Vegas Update: Rankings for All Games of Chance Revealed!
[01-28] Patch 6026: Bug Fixes & Server Merge
[01-28] CO Vegas Update: Last Set of Winners & Info Revealed!
[01-28] Gamer's Lobby Exhibits Conquer Online Booth in Egypt, Jan. 30th!
[01-27] Patch 6025: Improvements
[01-27] CO Vegas Soon to End! Final Chance to Grab Grand Prizes!
[01-27] CO Vegas Update: 6th Set of Key Winners Revealed! Lottery Getting Hot!
[01-27] CO Vegas Notice: Server Transfer Issue Being Inspected!
[01-27] CO Vegas Notice: Server Transfer & Rankings
[01-26] Extended Maintenance for Lion Server
[01-26] CO Vegas Update: 5th Set of Key Winners Revealed! Grab Your Last Chance!
[01-26] Server Transfer Service Available on Las Vegas Server!
[01-26] CO Vegas 4th Set of Winners Revealed! Last 2 Days Left!
[01-26] CO Vegas Update: Event Extended to 23:59 Jan. 27th!
[01-25] CO Vegas Update: Rankings Updated!
[01-25] Server Merge for Mortal Strike & Twilight Dance Postponed to Jan. 29th!
[01-25] CO Vegas 3rd Set of Winners Revealed! Final Shot to Win!
[01-25] CO Vegas 2nd Set of Winners Revealed! Join to Win Now!
[01-24] Notice: All Servers Back to Normal!
[01-23] CO Vegas Spectacular First Winners Revealed!
[01-23] CO Vegas Back to Normal! Routine Maintenance on Jan. 24th Canceled!
[01-23] New Warlord Server Reservations Continue! 1KK CP GW Awaits!
[01-22] Server Status Update: Technical Team Amps Up Effort
[01-22] CO Vegas Spectacular Grand Opening! Play & Win Now!
[01-22] Patch 6023: CO Vegas Spectacular, Bug Fixes & Changes
[01-22] Grand Gift Box Giveaway Into 3rd Friday & Weekend!
[01-22] New Timetable for CO Vegas Spectacular Revealed!
[01-21] Extended Maintenance for Select Servers
[01-21] CO Vegas Spectacular Postponed to Jan. 23rd!
[01-21] Important Notice - Server Status Update
[01-21] Weekly Credit Rebate to End 1st Week! Claim Your Rebate Now!
[01-21] CO Vegas Set to Begin! A Closer Look at Upgraded Prizes in Lottery!
[01-21] Year-end Top 3 Distributors in Egypt Revealed!
[01-20] Kingdom CTF Bursts Forth on Jan. 27th!
[01-20] 1KK CP Guild War Reigning Guild Awaits Challengers!
[01-20] Notice - Login Issue Being Investigated
[01-20] Time Changes for Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament
[01-20] Mortal Strike & Twilight Dance Servers to Merge on Jan. 26th!
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