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[12-19] Important Notice Regarding Kingdom CTF
[12-19] Kingdom Guild War Update: Changes for Rules & Requirements
[12-19] Patch 6010: Kingdom Guild War CP Rain Event
[12-19] New "Kingdom War" Server Achievement Event Winners Revealed!
[12-18] Winners for 1st Round of Kingdom CTF Revealed!
[12-18] Christmas Chest Monster Hunt Starts Christmas Day!
[12-18] Participating Servers for 2nd Kingdom Guild War Revealed!
[12-17] Rewards for Kingdom Guild War Winners, Dec. 20th! Gift Pack Next Week!
[12-17] Temporary Maintenance for Select EU Servers
[12-17] Reservation Final Countdown - Kingdom War Server Opens, Dec. 18th!
[12-17] Patch 6009: New Server Kingdom War & Events!
[12-16] New Authorized Distributor Available - Flosna - Dec. 17th!
[12-16] Server Transfer Restriction on Nobility for Columbus Server Lifted
[12-16] Christmas Day Sale Update: 1st Week Rankings Revealed!
[12-16] 2nd Round of Kingdom Guild War Begins Next Week
[12-16] Fortune Board Hot Start! Roll the Dice to Win Rewards!
[12-16] New Authorized Distributor "2MDotNet" Provides Services Now!
[12-15] Patch 6008: Gold Cloth & King of Scorpions On Sale!
[12-15] Is Taoist Next to Receive Epic Equipment?
[12-15] CO Team Hiring for an Arabic Translator!
[12-15] Reservations for Both Servers Continue Hot! Make Yours NOW!
[12-15] Fortune Board Begins, Now! Roll the Dice & Win!
[12-14] Patch 6007: Game of Death Prizes Delivered
[12-12] New Server Reservation for "Emperor_EU" Begins, Dec. 13th!
[12-12] 1st Kingdom Guild War Clip, Review & Summary
[12-12] Kingdom CTF Preliminary Round Begins, Dec. 13th!
[12-11] Final Countdown for 1st Kingdom Guild War!
[12-11] Server Merge for Hercules & Blade_Tempest_EU Postponed
[12-11] Fortune Board Postponed to Dec. 15th!
[12-11] Kingdom Guild War Begins, Dec. 11th!
[12-10] Patch 6006: Christmas Events & Credit Rebate Sources
[12-10] Price Change for Server Transfer Service, Starting Dec. 30th!
[12-10] Compensation Event for Jiang Hu_EU & Champions_EU Servers Begins, Dec. 11th!
[12-10] Improving Your Chi & Jiang Hu in Christmas Day Sale!
[12-09] Emergency Maintenance for Phoenix Server
[12-09] GameSultan Offers 10% Rebate on TQ Card Purchases!
[12-09] Grab Best Deals in Christmas Day Sale, Starting Dec. 9th!
[12-09] Roll the Dice on the Fortune Board & Win, Starting Dec. 11th!
[12-09] New Server Reservations Heating Up! Make Yours, NOW!
[12-09] Extended Maintenance for Phoenix Server
[12-08] Patch 6005: Kingdom Guild War Bidding Begins, Xmas Sale & Improvements
[12-08] Kingdom "Guild War" Defensive & Offensive Force Decided! Prepare for War!
[12-08] Kingdom "Guild War": Whats, Hows & Rewards
[12-08] Server Merge for Several Servers on Dec. 11th
[12-08] Reservation for Kingdom War Server Begins NOW!
[12-08] Rewards for Tower Ascension Confirmed! Delivery Soon!
[12-07] Stats for Kingdom "Guild War" Revealed! Voting Continues!
[12-06] New Christmas Day Sale Brings Excitement, Dec. 9th!
[12-05] Extended Maintenance for Select Servers
[12-05] Reservation for New Server "Kingdom War" Begins, Dec. 8th!
[12-05] Kingdom Guild War Part 2: War Breaks Out, Dec. 11th!
[12-05] Patch 6003: Kingdom "Guild War" Begins Sign-up Process
[12-05] Kingdom CTF Postponed to Dec. 16th
[12-04] Reservation for New Servers "Kingdom War" & "Emperor_EU" Begins Soon!
[12-04] Pre Kingdom War: Kingdom “Guild War” Part 1
[12-04] Conquer Online Available on Google Play, Starting Dec. 4th!
[12-03] Kingdom War Pre Battle: Introduction of Kingdom "Guild War"
[12-03] Patch 6001 & 6002: Bug Fixes & Improvements
[12-03] VIP 6+ 10-day Server Transfer Privilege Suspended Until Dec. 16th
[12-03] Tower Ascension Update: Prize Value Revealed!
[12-02] Kingdom War Stories: How Kingdom War Begins
[12-02] Kingdom War Pre Battle: Kingdom "Guild War" Sneak Peek
[12-02] December Preview: Kingdom "Guild War", Fortune Board, New Servers & More!
[12-02] Kingdom Capture the Flag Energizes All Heroes, Dec. 9th!
[12-01] [UPDATE COMPLETE] Black Friday Weekend! Special Deals Continue!
[12-01] Double Rewards for Team PK Tourney on Select Servers
[11-30] Last 4 Hours for Black Friday Deals & Credit Rebate!
[11-30] Black Friday Weekend Heating Up! Don't Miss Out!
[11-29] 1KK CP Guild War Imminent on Dragon Punch, Nov. 29th!
[11-29] [UPDATE COMPLETE] Black Friday Credit Deals, Exclusively on Nov. 28th!
[11-28] Double Rewards for Skill Team PK Tourney on Select Servers
[11-27] 1KK CP Guild War Waiting for You on Dragon Punch!
[11-27] Winners for Cosplay Show & You're the Director Events Revealed!
[11-27] Hot Pursuit! Gold Cloth & King of Scorpions Everywhere!
[11-26] Notice Regarding VIP 7 Service
[11-26] Patch 6000: Fiend's Lair, New Server & Bug Fixes
[11-26] Fiend's Lair Storms Back on Thanksgiving!
[11-26] [20141126] Daily Event RECO: Special Credit Rebate, Offer Ends Nov. 30th.
[11-25] Patch 5999: Server Merge
[11-25] New Server Dragon Punch Ready to Launch, Nov. 27th!
[11-25] Call of the Gold: Ninja‡™, First to Own Gold Cloth & King of Scorpions (Saint)
[11-25] [20141125] Call of the Gold: Get Yourself a Gold Cloth & King of Scorpions!
[11-25] Server Merge: Fatal Cross into Scent Sword on Nov. 25th
[11-24] Patch 5998: Call of the Gold - Gold Cloth & King of Scorpions
[11-24] Double Rewards for PvP Tourneys on Jiang Hu_EU & Champions_EU
[11-24] Gold Cloth & King of Scorpions Available, Nov. 25th!
[11-24] [20141124] Daily Event RECO: Dragon Warrior Special Sale
[11-24] Cosplay Show & You're the Director Ending Soon! Final Push Now!
[11-23] Game of Death Update: Tower Ascension Heats Up Over Weekend
[11-23] Notice Regarding Job Questionnaires for Applicants
[11-22] Designer's Mailbox Winners (October)
[11-21] Patch 5997: Thanksgiving Day Events!
[11-21] [20141121]Daily Event RECO: Tower Ascension Continues Hot Stretch!
[11-21] New Server "Dragon Punch" Opens, Nov. 27th! 1KK CPs Guild War Awaits!
[11-20] [2014.11.20] Daily Event RECO: Special Credit Rebate
[11-20] Game Designer Recruitment: Deadline Set, Details Revealed.
[11-20] 2nd Round of Super Guild War Begins, Nov. 22nd!
[11-19] Extended Maintenance for Select Servers
[11-19] Unlock Instant Prizes with CO Payment Partner "Rixty"
[11-19] Kingdom War Stories: An Emperor's Recall
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