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Patch 7268: Soaring Archers Expansion, New Server CrescentShadow and More

Date: 2021-08-03 02:05 Source: Official Views:
We're glad to announce that Patch 7268 will be released on Aug. 3rd.
Note: You must be sure that the client is completely closed before patching, otherwise the patch may not be installed correctly and you won't be able to login the game.
Highlights of Patch 7268
1. The new expansion, Soaring Archers will be launched on Aug. 3rd, with 3 Archer's War Suits available, making Archer's gameplay more exciting and challenging.
   ● [Stone Cracker]: Enhance Archer's close combat capability and ranged attack, and decrease enemies' restoring ability.
   ● [Cold Moon]: Strengthen Archer's dodge and dash ability, and weaken enemies' defense.
   ● [Thorn Cutter]: Collect Element Balls to gain different attributes while attacking. The single target damage has been highly increased.
   ● After completing the Soaring Archer quests, L80 Archers will unlock the Twisted Note interface and get the 3 War Suits, which can be switched from one to another anytime.
   ● The new rare Blue Rune, Caprice, is available for free in the Soaring Archer quests.
   ● The crit rate of Archer's Crossbow has been highly increased.
   ● Archer's quests are available in the Bounty Hall.
2. The Poker Themes are available for you to change the theme of Table/Card Back/Bet. Click the Poker Themes button for details.
3. Click the Benefit button to view various universal cards and fancy cards!
4. The Archer Super Hero event will be available from Aug. 3rd to Sept. 2nd.
5. The August Grand Sale will be available from Aug. 3rd to Sept. 6th.
6. Join in the credit rebate from Aug. 3rd to Sept. 16th.
7. The new server, Crescent Shadow will be available on Aug. 3rd.
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