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Patch 6680: Power of Mystery Runes Expansion and New Server MythicalRunes

Date: 2018-02-05 20:01 Source: Official Views:

We're glad to announce that Patch 6680 will be released on February 6th.

Note: You must be sure that the client is completely closed before patching, otherwise the patch may not be installed correctly and you won't be able to login the game.

Highlights of Patch 6680

New Server MythicalRunes 
New server MythicalRunes opens on Feb. 6th.

Power of Mystery Runes Expansion
Power of Mystery Runes Expansion is coming to CO world, the runes will bring superb skills for all classes! 
New Expansion Gift Pack: Players will receive a gift pack when login to game, it contains a Red Rune Pack and a Blue Rune Pack, also other gifts like bound CPs.

Unleash your full potential with magic runes!
· There are red, blue and yellow runes, 2nd reborn heros can equip 1 red rune, 1 blue rune and 3 yellow runes at the same time.
· You will have a chance to get Runes when hunting monsters in Deityland.
· There is Deityland Sacrifice Ranking, find Deity Altar at (1020,1286) to learn more details.
· You can exchange certain types of runes at Deity Altar.
· You can find Rune interface in Status or Item. 
· You can improve rune with corresponding Rune Essence or + Stone.

Giant Chasm will be replaced by Deityland, a new adventure begins.
· Enter Deityland by talking to Yu Koon(454,483) in Dragon Island.
· The rewards heroes can get in Deityland will be greatly upgraded, there is even a chance to get precious Runes and Relics.
· Queen of Evil, Nether Tyrant, Bloody Banshee, Dragon Wraith and Chilling Spook are wreaking havoc in Deityland, talk to Cobb Wind to know where they    are and go defeat them, you will have a chance to get rewards like Permanent Stone, Tough Drill, Radiant Star Stone and +6 Stone.
· Deityland has 4 areas, monsters in the higher level area are stronger and drop better rewards.
· There is also ranking reward in Deityland, find Jackery at(1008,1295) to know more.
· If the Luck Points are not used up in a day, the 80% of the points will be saved for the next day, you can accumulate up to 250% of Luck Points.
· When the Luck Points are used up, and you do not receive 5 gift packs by killing beasts, the rest packs will be sent to you by mail system.
· Note: You will gain PK points in Deityland, and Penitence Amulet can only be used once every 30 minutes.

The Emerging Relic
The Emerging Relic. Attributes of All Classes Are Strengthened. 
· You will have a chance to get Relics when hunting monsters in Deityland.
· You can check out detailed attributes of Relics at Saint Taiyi (1016,1277), and you can also use Underworld Crystal or Relic Crystal to make Relics.
· You can tear apart Relics at Nezha (1014,1272) to get Relic Crystals.
· You will also get Relic Crystals by killing monsters in different zones, and the chance is bigger in Dragon Island. 
· The Relics are not on sale in shopping mall, you can get Relics by hunting monsters or trading with other players.
· Note: The Relics may drop or be damaged when you are killed, please pay attention.

Rune Quiz
From Feb. 6th to Feb. 15th, Rune Quiz will be availalbe, you will have a chance to get Renus by taking the quiz, go to Officer Zhuge in Twin City (349,448) to learn more details.

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