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Patch 6383 & 6385: Might of Shadow Fan, Windwalker Celebration Events and More

Date: 2017-01-11 23:05 Source: Official Views:

We're glad to announce that Patch 6383 & 6385 (Mac - 1797 & 1798) will be released on January 12th.

Note: You must be sure that the client is completely closed before patching, otherwise the patch may not be installed correctly and you won’t be able to login the game.

Highlights of Patch 6383 & 6385 (Mac - 1797 & 1798)

New Class - Windwalker
Windwalker holds mystical handfans as weapon and can switch the combat style between two branches, melee Stomper and ranged Chaser. Windwalkers` XP skill allows full-screen attacks and enhances their active skills with half Stamina cost while all their attacks will not be reflected.
   ● The Windwalker Lord is now in the Job Center for Windwalker combat-style switch, skill learning and promotion.
   ● Windwalkers will be assigned a class quest at Level 15 which provides a pair of Level 40 Elite handfans (B) as reward.
   ● Windwalker weapons, robes and hats are now available in the CP Mall.

Note: Windwalker will also be updated in classic servers.

New Server Windwalker
New server Windwalker will open on January 12th.

Grand Gifts for Windwalkers
Grand gifts are ready for Windwalkers between 12th and 18th of January. Please talk to Windwalker Benefit Specialist in Twin City (310,248) to know more.
   ● Novice Windwalkers will receive Elite equipment packs and character boost packs when logging in.
   ● Novice Windwalkers can claim 1,000 CPs (B) when reaching Level 100.
   ● Reborn Windwalkers can claim 1,000 CPs (B).
   ● Great opportunity to buy up to 6 bottles of Oblivion Dew, only 1 CP each!
   ● Players of any class will receive a Great Joy Pack when logging in.

Windwalker Privilege Month
The Privilege  Month from Jan. 12 to Feb. 12 will bring Windwalkers various advantages in leveling and Chi study, as well as countless free treasures.
   ● During the month, the Windwalker Treasury Keeper has Windwalker gears on sale.
   ● During the month, Windwalker will receive a Treasury Permit after using a Chi Token.
   ● Go to Wind Merchant (333,241) in Twin City with the permit for more details.

Sales of the Wind
Sales of the Wind is from 12th to 25th of January. Please talk to the Wind Merchant in Twin City (333,241) for more information.
   ● Exchange CPs for CPs (B): 500 CPs for 2500 CPs (B)
   ● Favorable promotion of Windwalker gears and Bound Item Carnival

Live Broadcast 
There will be Kings with full +12 Windwalker equipment to broadcast live on January 12th, and Arabic Beauty live show on January 13th. Watch the show and get fancy code, players can redeem it for super gift from Live Broadcast Guide in Twin City (305,240).

Better Rewards for First-time Credit
The reward for first-time credit has been upgraded, players will get more Chi Points and Star Stones, and 1000 bound CPs are added in the reward!

Skill Upgrade
Assassin`s Dagger Storm skill is enhanced with more damage, wider casting and effect range, and less cooldown time.

Fire Taoist`s Flame Lotus skill is enhanced with faster burst, wider effect range, lower focus requirement and less cooldown time.

Offline Event Section
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