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FAQ - Trouble Shooting

1. I get this error message "DirectX error: Display acceleration support is out of order. Please confirm your current display mode is 16 bits, and if your display driver is installed correctly." What can I do?

* Set your screen color to be 16 bits* Install DirectX 8.1 or above* Update your graphic driver

2. I keep getting 'Socket Error 10061' when I open Play.exe.

That means account server is down. Please try to log in later.

3. when I try to log into the game, I get system message Error: 'Connection with the server is interrupted. Please re-login'

It may arise from several reasons. First, the server is under maintenance, please re-log in later. Second, you have just logged off and your account is stuck in the server. Please re-log in later. Third, you haven't updated the client to the newest version. Please download the patches at http://co.99.com/downloads/patch.shtml.

4. When I open the client, I am told to set my system font small. What should I do?

Follow the steps below to change system font to small font:(1) Right click on the desktop (2) Select "properties" (3) Select "setting" (4) Click on "Advanced" (5) Click on "General" (6) Click on down arrow to select small fonts (96 dpi)

5. When I turn on Full Shadow, the screen is messed up by terrible black shadow everywhere. What should I do?

Please try to install other version of DirectX (at least version8.1). If you open several Conquer clients in one computer, please close them and leave only one client.

6. I can't remove Conquer program from Control Panel or Uninstaller. What should I do?

If you delete conquer 1.0 manually, some conquer registry files cannot be removed from your computer. That's why you cannot reinstall the client. When this happens, please use an uninstaller to remove Conquer completely. If you do not have uninstaller in your computer, you may use search engine (such as google, yahoo) and enter some key words (such as 'uninstaller, download') to find one. After you install an uninstaller, just run it, it will show all the programs you have installed, click on Conquer 1.0 to remove it completely from your computer.

7. I got message like 'Error: can't create 3D/texture', and then the client exited.

First, try to download the patches http://co.99.com/downloads/patch.shtml. If that doesn't help, please re-install the game.

8. I am experiencing slow download and keeping getting error message, what should I do?

Try using a download program, such as FlashGet, GetRight etc...they allow you to resume the download after disconnections.

9. I can't open the download site. It is said that the page doesn't exist.

It is probably that download server is down at that moment. Please try to open the site later. Or try other download sites.

10. Whenever I click Conquer 1.0 on my desktop, I hit Enter, than it just disappears, I never get the log-in screen, someone please help me.

1) Go to your conquer directory then the ini folder look for a file called GameSetUp.ini; make these changes to this line only [Interface]InterfaceRecord=0

2) Please check if your firewall blocks Conquer.

11. When I click on Play.exe, the client flashes and quit right after that.

Please modify firewall setting a little bit lower.

12. I downloaded the client. But I opened it; it said that the file was corrupted.

You can repair corrupted file with Flashget:(1) Open Flashget(2) on the right side, click on delete(3) right click on file and select "fix the corrupted zip file"(4) flashget redownload the game to fix

13. Why is the game so laggy?

Why the game is so laggy? The following may make you feel Laggy:* Poor connection between your ISP and game Server* Use macro program* It has something to do with Player's PC configuration, the better Graphic card you use, the less lag you have* Too many players are in the same map.*You open more than one client.When you feel laggy, please try the following methods:* Scan the virus* Delete the log folder in conquer 1.0* Click on set up button to turn off shadow* Do not run other programs* Clean up the temporary files and empty recycled bin* More free disk space* Open only one Conquer client.

14. Why do I get autopatch.exe cannot be found.? error message when I install the patch manually?

It is because you don't install the patch correctly. Please download and install the CO patches as below:1) Save the patches in conquer folder.2) Open the conquer folder, double click on the patch icon to install.

15. I only see 1 line on the screen when someone is talking to me. Why?

There is a slider beside the HP/MP circle to control the lines of chatting text. You may drag it up to see more lines. Sometimes it will hide behind the HP/MP ball, try to click and drag it up, you will see more lines of chatting text.

16. I try to type my name on the game's Login screen but nothing appears.

- All users must have their desktop set to 96dpi. Some high res desktop and laptop users have it set to 120. This can be fixed by rightclicking the desktop -> Properties -> Settings -> Advanced -> 96dpi/Normal. - Win98SE and WinME have trouble with the login screen. To make your text appear as you type your login, hold the ALT key. - The Login Screen accepts input based on a QWERTY Keyboard. If you use a different one, you'll have to adjust your input accordingly. - Username and password are cAsE sEnSiTiVe. - Make sure you've applied all the necessary patches for your client. Which clients need which patches is listed in this thread as well as the Mirrors thread. Manual patching is more reliable than autopatching for most people.

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