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Mentor and Apprentice



As a Mentor, you can claim contribution from your apprentices.
1) Experience: When apprentices obtain experience through killing monsters, completing quests or online training, their mentor will also get some experience. However, experience earned from other members of a team or from an EXP Ball (B) does not count.
2) Blessing: Every time an apprentice uses a Praying Stone, the mentor will also get some blessing time.
3) +1 Stones: When your apprentice gets a +1 item dropped by monsters (not traded or bought), you will get one contribution point. When your points reach 100, you will receive a +1 Stone!

Apprentices: As an apprentice, you can share a certain amount of Battle Power from your mentor, when he/she is online.

Mentor Requirements:

Mentor's Level Apprentice's Level
Non-reborn At least 30 levels lower than the mentor's
Reborn once Non-reborn / at least 20 levels lower than the mentor's (Reborm Once)
Reborn twice Non-reborn / Reborn once/ at least 10 levels lower than the mentor's (Reborn Twice)
Mentor's Level The Number Of Apprentices Allowed
70-109 2
110-119 3
120-129 5
130-133 7
134+ 10

Note: When a mentor gets Reborn, the number of apprentices they can accept will be set, based on their level before the Rebirth.

Check and Receive Mentor Rewards: Click on the "Mentor Reward" button to check your apprentices' contributions. You can click "Claim" to get the reward.

You can click on "Today's" and "Apprentice's" to check the contribution rankings.

How to add an apprentice:

Click the buttons "Friend" - "Mentor" - "+Appr", then click on the player you want to add as your new apprentice. They will receive your invitation and decide to accept or refuse the invitation.

How to add a mentor:

Click the buttons "Friend" - "Mentor" - "+Mentor", then click on the player you want to add as your mentor. If they agree, you will become their apprentice and be able to share your new mentor's Battle Power!

Click on the icon in the upper-left part of the screen, and you can check how much Battle Power you can share from your mentor.

Removing an Apprentice or Leaving a Mentor:

Expel Apprentice: The mentor needs to select the apprentice from their list, and then click "Expel".
Leave Mentor: The apprentice needs to click the button "-Mentor", and confirm their choice to leave. It costs 50,000 Silver to leave your mentor.

Note: It will take 3 days for the system to reset the relationship between Mentors and Apprentices.