Guide - Team interface

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With the help of teamwork, you can level up quickly and make quests easier to fulfill.

1. Create:Create a team, and you will be the captain.

2. Join: Click on this button and then on the captain (who has a star above the head) to join the team. You can’t join the team unless the captain accepts your request.

3. Invite: Captain clicks on this button and then on the target player to send the invitation.

4. Dismiss: Captain clicks on this button to dismiss the team.

5. Options: Decide if picking up other teammates’ loot is allowed.

6. Kick: Captain clicks on the portrait and “Kick” to kick out the member.

7. Exit: Leave the team.

8. Follow: Follow the captain.

9. Auto join: Request will be sent to the nearby captain automatically.


10. Auto invite: Request will be sent to the nearby players automatically.

11. Reject Auto-invite: Reject any auto-invite request.

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