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Guide - Market


Do you want to sell your items at a good price? Then you need to try to vend in the Market!

1. Go to the Market:

Talk to the Conductress near the gate of any town, and they will send you to the Market.

2. Find an empty booth:

Go to the vending region, and then click on the shop-flag in an empty booth to start vending.

3. Put items in your shop:

Click on your stall, and then both your inventory and the shop window will pop up. Drag the items you want to sell to the shop, and set a price. Be sure to ALWAYS check the price before confirming, to verify you set the preferred amount and currency (Silver/CPs).

4. Hawk:

To attract even more customers, just click on the "Hawk" button and write your advertising slogan! You'll see the words appear above your shop, as you yell out to prospective buyers!

5. Stop Vending:

Click on the "Settle" button to stop vending.

Tips: PKing is forbidden in the Market.