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The Clan System

Create a Clan | Join a Clan | BP Bonus Level | Clan Relations | Privileges | Quit a Clan | Clan War

Now, you can enjoy the fun of the Clan System in Conquer Online! It's an honor to become a member of a powerful clan, and it can provide you with close friends and bitter rivals! The clan's roster consists of the 6 core members, as well as their spouses, for a total of 12 members.
With the BP Bonus Level, the clan members can share a certain percentage of the Battle Power margin between themselves, and the highest Battle Power team member in the same map and team. We will release the Clan Houses and Clan Totem in the future, so keep your eyes peeled!

Create a Clan:

1. The Clan Manager in Twin City (406,390) is in charge of the administrative duties for Clans.
2. Talk to him, and he will tell you how you can create a Clan:
If your character is at least Level 50 and you don't belong to a clan, you can pay 500,000 Silver to create your very own Clan!

3. After paying the registration fee, you will be appointed as the Clan Leader of your brand new Clan!

Joining a Clan

There are 3 ways to join a Clan:
1. Apply to a Leader.
2. A Clan Leader invites you to join.
3. Become the spouse of a core Clan member.
1. The spouse of a Clan member will join the clan automatically, after marriage.
2. The spouse of a Clan member cannot join their wife/husband's clan if they have joined a clan before.
3. The Clan Leader can click "Recruit" other players to join the Clan. If the target agrees, they will become a new Clan member.

Clan Interface

Click "Clan" to check the functions below:
"Recruit": Invite other players to join the Clan.
"Dedicate": The players can dedicate money to the Clan, which will add to the dedication value of the players.

Click "Status" to check the functions below:
"Release": Release the Clan Notices. All clan members can check the Notice, when online.

Click "Members" to check the functions below:
"Kick": Kick a member out of the Clan.
"Transfer": The Clan Leader can transfer his position to other Clan members.
"Quit": Leave the Clan.

Click "Relation" to check the functions below:
"Add Ally": Add other clans to the Allied Clan list.
"Add Enemy": Add other clans to the Enemy Clan list.

The Clan Interface:
In the member list, the online players will show up in white, while the off-line players are listed with red names.
Click the member's name to check his information.
Double click the member's name to chat with the member in the Clan Channel.

BP Bonus Level

The higher the BP Bonus Level, the more Battle Power the Clan members can share. Why not upgrade your BP Bonus Level right now!

BP Bonus Level:
Clan Level Clan Upgrade Requirement BP Bonus Level BP Bonus Level Upgrade Requirement Battle Power shared by Clan members
1 500,000 silver Unavailable None 30%
2 1 million Clan Fund Level 1 2.5 million Clan Fund 40%
3 2 million Clan Fund Level 2 12 million Clan Fund 50%
4 3.5 million Clan Fund Level 3 35 million Clan Fund 60%
5 7.5 million Clan Fund Level 4 120 million Clan Fund 70%

Clan Relations:

Each clan can add up to 5 Allied Clans and 5 Enemy Clans.
The Clan Leader can click "Relation" to add or remove the Allied and Enemy Clans.

Privileges of Clan Members:

1. Unique Clan name; Independent chat channel; Unified management.
2. Extra Battle Power shared from clan members with a higher Battle Power.

Quit a Clan:

Except for the Clan Leader, the other 5 core clan members can quit the Clan at will. Their spouses will leave the clan with them, at the same time.
The spouses of the core members cannot quit or be kicked separately. They can only leave the Clan with their spouse.


  1. 1. If the clan members get divorced, they will be kicked out of the clan, automatically.
  2. 2. Only the Clan Leader can kick members out of the clan.
  3. 3. Clan members can leave the clan freely.
  4. 4. The Clan Leader can choose to disband the Clan.
  5. 5. The Clan will be dismissed forever if the Clan Leader's character is deleted.