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Once you reach Level 90, you can enlighten other players that are at least 20 levels lower than you.

How to obtain Enlighten Points each day?
  1. Level 90+ player: +1 Enlighten Point.
  2. Using an EXP Potion or an EXP Ball: +0.1 Enlighten Point.
  3. When using a Dragon Ball to gain experience: +0.5 Enlighten Point.
  4. Knights or Barons: +1 Enlighten Point
    Earls or Dukes: +2 Enlighten Points
    Princes: +3 Enlighten Points
    Kings or Queens: +4 Enlighten Points.
  5. VIP Level 1-3 players: +1 Enlighten Point
    VIP Level 4-5 players: +2 Enlighten Points
    VIP Level 6 players: +3 Enlighten Points.

Note: All Enlighten Points will be cleared at 00:00, everyday.

When you have Enlighten Points, you will see a button on the status bar:


Click the "Enlighten Point" button, and you will be able to see the players who are able to be enlightened. You will see a light effect on the ground, where the eligible players are standing.


You will get 1 Merit Point, once you have enlightened someone. The Merit Point function is currently unavailable. It is slated for release, at a later date.

The enlightened players will obtain a certain amount of experience, and also gain “enlightened experience”, which will be converted into normal Exp, every 20 minutes.


  1. You can be enlightened no more than 5 times, per day.
  2. There is no limit to how many times you can enlighten others.
  3. After being enlightened, the experience will be added every 20 minutes you are online. You can see how many minutes you still need to wait by clicking the Enlighten button.