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Guide - About Jail


Who will be put in the PK Jail?
The players who earn over 100 PK points will be jailed, when they are killed by another player. They will have to pay 500,000 Silver to the Warden (PK Jail 35, 69), in order to get out.

Can I visit the PK Jail?
If you have less than 30 PK points, you can pay Captain Li (Twin City 512,351) 1,000 Silver, and he will allow you to visit the jail.

What can I do in the PK Jail?

1. Mining.
2. PK: Players in the jail are free to fight amongst each other. There are no Guards to break up the fun, and nobody cares about the results! PKing here won't add to your PK points, and you won't lose your precious items, when killed. Just remember, when you revive yourself, you will still be in jail. Ain't the jail life grand?
Note: There are no teams allowed in the jail.

Guild War Jail

Players who are killed in the Guild War will be put into the Guild War Jail. They will be released at the top of or half past each hour.