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Guide - Virtue Points


Virtue Points are available in Conquer, in order to encourage the more experienced players to help out those not quite as powerful as they are! If you are Level 70+, you can obtain Virtue Points by helping the new players hunt monsters. These points are needed, if you want to take part in certain quests.

  1. 1. Level Requirement: 70-130
  2. 2. What are Virtue Points? Virtue Points are needed for adventurers that want to join the Treasure Labyrinth quest. You can also use them to swap for prizes!
  3. 3. NPC: Shelby (Market 240,249).
  4. 4. Swap Virtue Points for Prizes: 5000 Virtue Points = 1 Meteor; 15,000 Virtue Points = experience worth an EXP Ball.
  5. 5. Tips: Talk with Shelby to find out all the details about Virtue Points.