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1. Music & Effect: Adjust the music & sound effect volume.

2. Resolution (800*600 / 1024*768): The default resolution of the game is 800×600. Click on "Window" or "Full Screen" to switch the mode. The game must be restarted after resolution gets changed.

3. Show Name: Decide if character names are to be shown all the time.

4. Counter: Counts how many monsters you have killed.

5. Shadows: Switch the shadow modes between Full and Simple.

6. Delete: Delete your character and anything belonging to it. A deleted character and its items can be restored in the Customer Service Center.

7. Hotkeys: Set up hotkeys for skills, items or actions. If you set hotkey “Ctrl + C” for action “Cool”, your character will show cool every time you press Ctrl + C.

8. Furniture: Place or delete furniture.

9. Exit: Offline TG, Login or Exit the game.