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Guide - Basic Interface

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You can find the following icons and buttons useful within Conquer Online.

1. Coordinates: Shows the exact location of your character in this map.

2. Shift Screen Button: It allows you to shift screen in game.

3. Walk/Run: Switch between walking and running mode.

4. Message: Message Board

5. Help: Click here to get help documentation for game features.

6. Close: Turn on/off the map

7. map: You can view your surroundings in the map. Blue Star: Your character. Purple Star: Your teammate. Golden Start: Your captain. Green Diamond: Your friend. Red Heart: Your spouse. Skull: Your enemy.

8. Bulletin: Event board, you are able to find in-game events here.

9. Pathfinding: It provides pathfiding function in current map.

10. Status group: They are showing positive effects you are having and donation & flower function.

11. System Message

12. HP:Stands for your current health point. When HP is 0, your character will die. So recharge it in time when it is low.

13. Stamina: Shows your current stamina. Some skills cost stamina and can't be cast when it is low.

14. MP: Stands for your current mana point. Some magic skills can't be cast when MP is low.

15. XP Circle: When the circle is filled with gold color, XP buttons will appear on the right corner. You can click the XP buttons to select and use the corresponding XP skills.

16. Char bar: You are able to send messages and chat with other players here.

17. Skill bar: including Shortcut keys, skill button and EXP bar here. You can drag the items or skills there, and press corresponding shortcut keys to use the items or skills. 

18. Function buttons group 1:

Status: Displays your Battle Power, attributes, equipment, skills, weapon proficiency and Sub-Classes.
Items: Open your inventory.
Friend: Friend/Mentor/Enemy/Partner List.
Capture: Switch between the four modes: PK, Team, Peace and Capture.
Group: Guild/Clan information.
Quest: Quest List.
Trade: Trade items with the player you click on.
Team: Create/Join a team.
Options: Set your graphics, music/sound, hotkeys, etc.
Arena: It is the tab for all PK tournaments.

19. Function buttons group2:

Hide:Allows you to hide all buttons in the screen.
VIP: Show VIP options.
Shopping Mall: CP mall, you are able to buy a lot of good stuffs here.
View: Check others.
Mentor Gains: Reward for those are masters of their apprentices.
Setting: the system option that you can adjust.