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Guide - PK interface

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1. Capture Modes: Click “Capture” to switch between the modes: PK, Team, Peace and Capture.
PK: Attack monsters, teammates, guild members and other characters indiscriminately.
Team: Attack monsters and other characters, but not your teammates or guild members.
Peace: Attack monsters only. You can’t attack other characters.
Capture: Attack monsters and characters with blue, red and black names.

2. PK Points:Once you kill a player, your PK Points will increase by 10. However, they will decrease by 1 every 6 minutes, when you stay online in game. The color of character’s name varies with PK Points.
White Name: PK Points 30-
Red Name: PK Points 30-100
Black Name: PK Points 100+
Blue Name: Once you attack a white/red name characters, your name will turn blue for 30 seconds.

3. Punishment: Details