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Guide - Action Interface

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In addition to words, there are some other ways to express your true feelings! Click on , and you will find Action, Express and Interact.

1. Action
There are 3 ways to show the corresponding action:
1) Click on the tab in action menu.
2) Drag the action from the menu onto F1-F10 shortcut key, and press the key on keyboard.
3) Set the action as hotkey, and press the hotkey.

How to set hotkey?
“Options” – “Hotkey” – choose menu and selections – press Alt/Ctrl/Shift + the target key – press “Change”. For example, if you set the cool hotkey to be Ctrl + Q, your character will show cool action after you press Ctrl + Q.

2. Express:

3. Interaction:
Choose one of the interactions and then click the one you want to use. The target will either accept or deny your request to interact.