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Guide - Guild interface

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1. Profile:
You can check the basic information of the Guild and your Donation Ranking here.

2. Members:
You can check the information of the Guild members here. The members who have the right of appointment can dismiss and appoint Guild members in this interface.

Click a member in “Members” and click “Appoint”, then the appointment interface will pop up.
Pick a member in “Members” when he is online, and click Promotion to transfer your leadership to him.

3. Relations:
You can check the information of Allies and Enemies, add Allies and Enemies and break up relations here.

4. Donation:
You can check all kinds of Donation Ranking here.

5. Arsenal:
Each Guild has 8 Arsenals: Headgear Arsenal, Armor Arsenal, Weapon Arsenal, Ring Arsenal, Boots Arsenal, Necklace Arsenal, Fan Arsenal and Tower Arsenal. (Details)