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Item Lock

What is the Item Lock function? Item Lock is an item security feature, that can be used to ensure certain items remain on your character. Once the Item Lock is used, the locked item can't be traded to others (except your Trade Partners), sold, or put into your house's Item Box. This means it will be safe, if you are hacked, since your locked items cannot be just given away!

Note: There is no limit on the number of items you can lock.

Using Item Lock: You can click the “Item Lock” button on the inventory window. After the window pops up, drag the item you want to lock into the box, and then click “Lock”.

How to cancel the Item Lock: You would just do the same as you did to lock the item. After pushing "Unlock", you will have to wait 5 days for the item to unlock and be ready for trade.

Note: Item lock will have an effect on the PK punishment system. The system will be adjusted, as such:
Characters with over 100 PK points will be sent to the PK Jail when they die. They have to pay the Warden (PK Jail, 35 69) 500,000 Silver, in order to be released. When he/she pays to get out, the fine will be awarded to the player who captured them.