Broadcast System

Level Requirement: Above 50 (Include)

Item Requirement: At least 5 Cps

How to use:

Step 1: Choose "Broadcast" in chat channel.

Step 2: Input the message you want to send in chat box.

Step 3: Click 'Yes', and then your message will be sent out.

All the players in the same server can receive this message.

In addition, you can click the button "Check broadcast messages" to check the messages.

After clicking button, there will pop up the interface of Broadcast checking. Four buttons are listed below the interface, they are: "Release Soon", "Info Awaiting", "Released", "Info Released"

1. Release Soon: You can check all the awaiting messages here. If you are eager to release your own message, you can pay an additional 5 Cps to move your message up 5 places by clicking 'Urgent 5 Cps'.

By clicking 'Urgent' and paying 15 Cps, you can make your message rank 1st.

2. Info Awaiting: All your awaiting messages can be checked here. (Awaiting messages can not exceed 5, or you will not be allowed to send messages.)

3. Released: All your system messages can be checked here.

4. Info Released: All the system messages sent can be checked here.

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