Quest - Siege Bomb

Introduction Siege Bomb Guild War Void Beast Guild Statue

1. Old Quarrier (Ape City 568,527)
2. Norbert (Maple Forest 810,458)

Level Requirement:
As long as you are able to kill the Bandit.

Required items:
5 pieces of Saltpeter, a piece of Sulphur and 30,000 silver.



1. Find Norbert (Maple Forest 810,458) to know the whole story, the reason he invents Bomb, the materials needed to make Bomb, etc.
2. Talk to Old Quarrier (Ape City 568,527) and ask him to give you 5 pieces of Saltpeter.
3. Return to Maple Forest and kill the Bandit to get a Sulphur.
4. Give (five pieces of Saltpeter)+(a piece of Sulphur)+(30000 silvers) to Norbert (Maple Forest 810,458), and he will make a Bomb for you.

How to Use the Bomb:

Put it in your inventory and then click on the guild gate. If the gate isclosed and it is Guild War time, you will be asked to confirm whether to useit. The Bomb exerts enormous damage to the gate. Using 4 Bombs in maximum canopen the gate. By the way, you will definitely die if you use it.

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