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Classes - Reborn - Introduction & Overview

Introduction & Overview
1st Rebirth: Requirements | Quest | Advantages | Magic & Skills
Summons | Attributes & Promotion | Items After Rebirth
2nd Rebirth: Requirements | Quest | Advantages | Magic & Skills
Lucky Time | Distinction | Items After Rebirth

When there are no new skills left to learn, no regions left to conquer and no monsters left to challenge, it is time to be reborn.

What is Rebirth? Rebirth is like reincarnation. Your character is born again as whatever class you like.
However, memories of previous life linger, granting you additional powers, skills and abilities from your old class. 

Reborn characters are much more powerful than newborns, with more Battle Power, higher abilities, better skills and visual glamour.

When can I be reborn? Archers, Trojans, Warriors, Fire Taoists, Ninjas and Monks can have rebirth after they reach level 120. But Water Taoists, who are more spiritually enlightened than others, can have 1st rebirth at level 110 - they have led a more fulfilling life, and are ready to be reborn at a younger age.

Why be reborn? The best reason to be reborn is obvious -to play the game again! But you'll also be able to try out a host of interesting skills and abilities, available only to reborn characters.