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Reincarnation and Pure Skills

2nd Reborn Level 110+ characters and 1 Oblivion Dew

You'll get new combinations of classes and the right to learn the Pure Skills (skills for characters who've had the same class for 3 straight lives).

You can be reincarnated repeatedly.

Rebirth Master (Market 210,212)



1. At level 110 or above after your 2nd Rebirth, you can take a bottle of Oblivion Dew and speak with the Rebirth Master in the Market (210,212), to begin the Reincarnation process. This can help you obtain new combinations of classes in this life, and grants you the ability to learn the Pure Skills. The Oblivion Dew is available in the Honor Store (50,000 points) and the Horse Race Store (8,000 points).

2. During your conversation with the Rebirth Master, you can see the preview panel, on which the possible new combinations are shown for you to make decisions. Select a class and the body size, and you'll see what new Skills you'll be allowed to learn, and what skills you'll gain or lose when you are reincarnated as this class. When you've made up your mind, click OK to confirm your decision.

3. The Reincarnation will not grant you any bonus Battle Power and attribute points. All the class skills you have learnt will be erased. When you reach level 110, your highest level before the Reincarnation will be restored.

After reincarnation, your character level and equipped items will return to level 15, and all your skills and weapon proficiency of your pre-existence will be cleaned out. However, if you train them to 50% of the "before-rebirth-level", it may jump to the "before-rebirth-level". When you are 2nd reborn, the summon skill of the first reborn could be kept.However, when you are reincarnated, only the summon skill of the "before-rebirth-level" could be kept. Please note that only the classes for the current three lives will be counted. All the skills you learned before these lives will be erased. You can perform Reincarnation as many times as you like, as long as you meet the above requirements.

For example, if you are a Ninja>Trojan>Water Taoist, and during your Reincarnation you choose to become a Warrior, your new class combination will be Trojan>Water Taoist>Warrior, and the reborn skills will be assigned to you accordingly.

Pure Skills

If the classes for your two previous lives are the same as your current class, you will be able to learn the new Pure Skills with the trainer for your class.

1. For Trojan > Trojan > Trojan: Dragon Whirl
It allows you to summon the dragon's power and whirl about, cleaving through anything in your path.

Level Damage Upgrade Level Skill Exp
0 105% 40 191,500 50
1 110% 50 758,600
2 110% 70 1,564,500
3 115% 90 3,685,000
4 115% 110 Fixed

2. For Fire Taoist > Fire Taoist > Fire Taoist: Heaven Blade.
Use your magic to form the Eight Element Diagram and summon a spectral sword to attack.

Level Damage Upgrade Level Skill Exp
0 2,500 40 28,028,389 100 30
1 3,500 50 56,976,183 100
2 5,000 70 136,801,964 100
3 7,000 90 298,009,073 100
4 10,000 Fixed Fixed 100

3. For Archer > Archer > Archer: Star Arrow.
Focusing your Qi into your arrows, they are fired with such force that the target is knocked back when struck.

Level Damage Knock
Upgrade Level Skill Exp
0 *100% 11 40 250,000 50
1 *104% 12 50 450,000
2 *108% 13 70 650,000
3 *113% 14 90 850,000
4 *120% 15 Fixed Fixed

4. For Warrior > Warrior > Warrior: Perseverance.
With this skill, you can equip a shield and a 2-handed weapon at the same time, but the BP offered by your 2-handed weapon will not be doubled.

5. For Water Taoist > Water Taoist > Water Taoist: Azure Shield.
You can cast a powerful shield over yourself or another player, which will nullify some of the damage received.

Level Damage
Upgrade Level Skill Exp
0 1,200 40 950 80 30
1 2,800 50 1,190 123
2 5,200 70 1,442 169
3 8,000 90 1,690 280
4 12,000 Fixed Fixed 405

6. For Ninja > Ninja > Ninja: Counter Kill.
It allows you to dodge an incoming attack once and has 30% chance to summon a duplicate of yourself near the target, to strike back.

Level Damage Upgrade Level Skill Exp
0 *20% 70 5,400 15 secs
1 *28% 90 12,000
2 *36% 110 16,500
3 *42% 120 27,000
4 *50% Fixed Fixed

7. For Monk/Saint> Monk/Saint > Monk/Saint: Soul Shackle.
Pure Monks/Saints can learn the skill 'Soul Shackle'. The target ghost is bound by holy chains and can't move, revive themselves, or be revived by others, for 60 seconds.

Skill Skill Effect Limit Video

Soul Shackle
Immobilize the soul of a dead player and prevent reviving in a certain time. It can only be casted on the soul of a dead player. Video

8. For Pirate > Pirate > Pirate: Scurvy Bomb

Pure Pirates can learn the skill 'Scurvy Bomb'. Throw a bomb to the target area to inflict damage to cause them cursed. All skills they use will cost them extra stamina.

9. For Dragon Warrior > Dragon Warrior > Dragon Warrior: Dragon Fury

Pure Dragon Warriors can learn the skill 'Dragon Fury'.

Level Skill Effect Upgrade Level Skill Exp
0 Inflicts 10% damage and prevents enemies from using any skills for 4 seconds. 70 100,000 0
1 Inflicts 15% damage and prevents enemies from using any skills for 4 seconds. 70 300,000 0
2 Inflicts 20% damage and prevents enemies from using any skills for 4 seconds. 80 741,000 0
3 Inflicts 25% damage and prevents enemies from using any skills for 4 seconds. 90 1,440,000 0
4 Inflicts 30% damage and prevents enemies from using any skills for 4 seconds. 100 Fixed 0