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Skills Intro

What are skills? What are XP skills?
In the world of Conquer, players can practice various skills according to your class and weapon. The skills can be divided into weapon skills and XP skills. These skills can either increase the efficiency of your weapon, or help you to control the power of the elements to attack your enemies.

Besides the common skills, there are some class-exclusive skills called XP skills, which can only be used at certain times. These astonishing skills can help you to release the potential energy in your body, and crush your opponents in a flash.

How to learn skills? How to learn XP skills?
After your weapon proficiency reaches a certain level, you may buy the skill books (including some XP skills) from the Pharmacist in the Market or the Peddlers in Twin City. Sometimes monsters might drop skill books after being killed. It’s pretty rare, but it does happen! Right click on the books to learn the skill. The common skills have requirements based on class, weapon, weapon proficiency, and character level. The XP skills, however, only have requirements based on the class and the character’s level. There are also some XP skills that can only be obtained from your trainer in the Job Center.

How to use the skills?
There are three types of skills: active skills, passive skills, and XP skills. Once you obtain a skill, it will be added to your skill panel.

The active skill icon is shown in the bottom right corner of the screen. To use it, you have to equip the correct weapon first. Left click to open the panel and select the skill, then right click on it to set it as your active skill.

The Passive skills will be used automatically while you’re fighting, so there is no need to activate them. The higher the skill level is, the more chances you have to cast it with a higher power level.

To use XP skills, you should wait until the XP circle has filled up. When the XP circle has been filled, the XP skill buttons will appear on the lower right side of the game screen. Click on one of them, and then right click to use the chosen skill. The XP skill buttons will disappear after 20 seconds or more , and reappear when the XP circle has been filled again, so you had better try to make good use of the XP skills while you can use them!.