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Extreme PK Tournament


A battle between female and male is about to begin. Every Sunday, you will have a chance to challenge each other on a gender basis. The most powerful 20 female players and the most powerful 20 male players can join in the Extreme PK Tournament. How the tournament goes? Let's find it out.

Time: 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm every Sunday (server time).


Extreme PK Manager in Twin City (456,291)
Arena Guard Chou (51,43) in Male Preparation map
Awarder Lee (51,43) in Male PK map
Arena Guard Tang (41,34) in Female Preparation map
Awarder Song (41,34) in Female PK map
Awarder Woo (69,67) in Extreme PK Tournament map

The top 20 in each group will be rewarded with experience worth of half of an Exp Ball.
The champion of Extreme PK Tournament will be rewarded with experience worth 5 Exp Balls.

1. Between 20:00 to 20:10, find Extreme PK Manager and get into the preparation map, where PK is forbidden. Male and female are in separate maps. If you want to leave, just talk to Arena Guard Chou or Arena Guard Tang in your map.
2. At 20:10, you will be sent to the Female PK Tournament and Male PK Tournament respectively according to your gender. You fight in the map. By the time of 20:30, if you are one of the only 20 who survive in your group, you will be rewarded with experience equal to half of an Exp Ball and sent to the Extreme PK Tournament map. If there are more than 20 survivors in your group, you will not be able to enter the final stage and will be teleported back to Twin City instead.
3. Between 20:30 to 20:59, the surviving female and male are all in the Extreme PK Tournament map. A reward of experience equal to 5 Exp Balls can only be claimed at Awarder Woo once the other contestants have been knocked out. The prize will be canceled if nobody wins the tournament or claims it before 20:59.
1. There is no level restriction. Everybody has the chance to challenge others.
2. If no more than 20 persons sign up in your group before 20:10, you will be sent to the Extreme PK Tournament map to fight the other group directly.
3. You won`t lose equipment unless you have a red or black name.
4. There are some invisible traps which can refresh you some HP or MP in Male PK map and Female PK map.