Frozen Grotto

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Frozen Grotto Quest (For players level 120-129)

1. Take the quest from the Frozen Grotto General (Desert City 469, 645).
For those who cannot accept the quest from the Frozen Grotto General, please find the Frozen Grotto Envoy to enter the Floor 1.

2. You can go to Floor 2 by clicking path finding.
3. You can also visit Floor 3 by clicking path finding.
4. This is a picture of Floor 3 that show you the way to Floor 4.

5. You can right click the Grotto key to the guy who will send you to Floor 5.
6. Here is the picture that bring you to Floor 6.

7. On Floor 6, the blue dart is where the Terato Dragon is.


Frozen Grotto 1:

Name Image
Icy Serpent, Serpent King
Serpent Lord, Frost Serpent, Serpent Envoy

Frozen Grotto 2:

Name Image
Icy Blade Devil, Blade Devil King
Blade Devil Lord, Blade Devil Envoy, Frost Blade Devil



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