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Class PK War


Not enough PKing for you? Try the player killing class war, available once per week for each character class. You can roll out your uber-character against your peers, in a same-class battle royal.

There are two methods to enter the PK map at the PK time of your class.

1. You will be teleported to a map by the system invitation where players cannot PK with each other, and then talk to the Class PK Escort to enter the real PK map;

2. You can find the Class PK Envoy (Twin City, 452,291) to enter the real PK map and enjoy the great fun of PK with other players of the same class.

NPCs: There are two NPCs that you need to know about.
Class PK Envoy (Class PK War Chief, Twin City 452,291)
Class PK Escort (Class PK War Clerk, in the PK map)


An hour of Heaven`s Blessing, experience




Level 1-99

1 day of Heaven`s Blessing, Honor Halo, 2 Bright Star Stones and 2 Vital Pills (B).

Level 100-119

2 days of Heaven`s Blessing, Honor Halo, 3 Bright Star Stones, and 3 Vital Pills (B).

Level 120-129

3 days of Heaven`s Blessing, Honor Halo, 4 Bright Star Stones, and 4 Vital Pills (B).

Level 130+

7 days of Heaven`s Blessing, Honor Halo, 5 Bright Star Stones, and 5 Vital Pills (B).

i. Talk to Class PK Envoy and ask about the Class PK war. She can be found at (Twin City, 452,291).

ii. Wait till PK round is beginning.

Class PK War: 19:30-20:30 every Monday (server time).

iii. Talk to the Envoy to enter the PK map 15 minutes before the contest starts. PK is fobidden before you have entered the PK map.

Note: All the classes will have the Class PK War at the same day, but they will be sent to different maps. That is, Water Taoists will fight Water Taoists while Fire Taoists will fight Fire Taoists.

4 groups in each round:

1) Level 1-99
2) Level 100-119
3) Level 120-129
4) Level 130+

There will be a winner in each group!

iv. You will be teleported to a map where you must PK all the other contestants who entered the competition by Class PK Envoy (Class PK War Chief, Twin City 452,291). If you want to leave, just talk to the Class PK Escort.

v. Fight until the contest is over.

A reward of experience equal to 5 ExpBalls can only be claimed at Class PK Escort once the other contestants have been knocked out.

If there is no clear victor, all will be sent to Twin City when the event ends.

If you win the PK war nearly 3pm or 11pm, please hurry up to claim your reward, in case that you will be sent to Twin City without getting anything.

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