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Guide - Offline Training

Adventurers that have been blessed by the Fairies are able to make use of one of the biggest helpers you can get, the Offline Training Ground! People who continue their training there can obtain Experience, even when they are offline! (See Heaven's Blessing)

For each minute you are online, you can stay in the Offline TG for 10 minutes. You can continue your Offline Training for up to 15 hours, each day.

Select "Offline Training" when quitting, and log out. You will find yourself in the Offline Training Ground, when you next login.

Stay in the Offline TG for 8 hours, and you will earn experience equal to an EXP Ball!

Click "Continue" to stay and train in the offline TG. You will be sent to the login interface.

Click "Confirm" to gain the experience and be sent to the world map.

Click "Close" to stay in the Offline TG, but not receive the experience, yet.

You can buy some special items from the VIP Storekeeper.

Talk to the Offline TG Admin, if you want to leave there and play the game, or continue training and log out.
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