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Changes for Houses Furniture

-- Have you upgraded your house, yet? Do you like getting that wonderful feeling of home, every time you enter your house?
-- Aye, aye!

Well if you think your house feels a little empty, you can go see the Furniture NPC in Twin City (281,270), and check out what great furniture they have on sale!

How to place your new Furniture
1. Enter your house, then right click the piece of furniture in your inventory.
2. Left click to place it in the desired location, or right click to cancel.
3. After being placed, the piece of furniture cannot be moved.

How to remove Furniture
1. Enter your house and click "Setting" - "Furniture" on the game screen, to open the interface.
2. Click "Delete" and choose the furniture you want to remove, or right click to cancel.
3. Once removed, that piece of furniture will be destroyed and cannot be recovered.

After you upgrade your house, you can place more furniture in your house.



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