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Guide - Level Up Quickly

1. Team Up: Teaming up with higher-level players is not only a great way to stay alive, but you can also gain experience when your teammates kill the monsters! You'd better follow them closely and not lag behind, otherwise you won't receive any Experience.

2. Kill Monsters with Red Names: Kill the monsters with red names, because their levels are higher than yours, which will earn you more experience. But be careful! They are stronger than you, and might be more than you can handle!

3. Use some special items: Use EXP Balls or DragonBalls to level up quickly, or you can use a Double EXP Potion to earn twice the normal Experience while you're out hunting monsters!

4. Experience Quests: Some quests reward players with lots of Experience, upon completion. The Monster Hunting quests, for example. You can take it 3 times a day, and it will give you a lot of experience when you finish!

5. Power-level recruits: Your Virtue Points can be converted into Experience.