Guide - Equipment Improving

Upgrade Level & Quality

Simply click Forging icon, then you can upgrade the level and quality of your equipment.

Equipment Improving

Level Upgrading

Upgrading level will improve the attributes of your equipment.

1. Select the equipment to be upgraded from the inventory on the left.
2. Select meteors or DBs from the inventory and start upgrading.
3. The amount of the meteors or DBs decides the success rate of upgrading.

Equipment Improving

Note: The following can only be upgraded by Dragon Balls.

Type Level or above
Bracelet 115
Ring 116
Heavy Ring 117
Bag 112
Boots 120
Necklace 120
Some Weapons 115

2. Quality Upgrading

You need to use Dragon Balls to upgrade the quality of equipment.
Quality Upgrades progress in this way: Normal->Refined->Unique->Elite->Super

Equipment Improving

3. Repair

When the Durability of your equipment or weapons goes down, you'll need to take it somewhere to be repaired, before it breaks. You can turn to the Pharmacist, Storekeeper, Armorer or Blacksmith for help in repairing your items. Click on the “Repair” button, and then click on the equipment or weapon in your inventory, and they will repair your item for some Silver.

You can find the Equipment Blacksmith and pay him Meteors to better repair the items that you've worn-out.

Note: Some of quest items can not be repaired. For example, Christmas Cap and Firework Stick.

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