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Guide - Earn money quickly

Here are some suggestions to help you acquire a little quick cash!

1.Mine Cave: Clear up your inventory and buy a Pick-axe from the Storekeeper. Find the Mine Cave to the north-west, and answer 2 riddles to enter.(Only if you can give the correct answers to both, will the Mine Assistant let you in. Otherwise, you have to wait for 1 hour to try to enter, again.) Now just start digging! When your inventory is filled with ore, just use a Gate Scroll to return to the city, then you can sell the ore for profit!

2.Lure to the Guards: If you have no money left, you can lure monsters near guards, who will strike them down. Most monsters usually drop a little money when they die, and since guards get well paid, they don't need the money! It’s free for you to pick up!

3.Team Up: Teaming up with others is a good way to level-up AND get rich! Higher level players don't usually care too much about the gold that drops from monsters. They just want to gain experience from power-leveling the team. So you can pick up as much as you want from the monsters that the team kills! How easy is that!

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