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Guide - Customize Your Character

There are several ways to customize your character, while you're playing in-game.

1. Change Body Size: If you want to change your character's body size to small/big, you can find the Miracle Surgeon in the Market (252, 242), and he will charge you a DragonBall to change your body size.

2. Change Avatar: The Beautician (Twin City 331, 231) is the perfect person to see, when you feel like you need a new look. You can select your favorite face style, and at only 500 Silver, it's a real deal!

3. Change Hairstyle: Getting a little shaggy? Well take a trip to the Barber in Twin City (284, 276), and she will charge you 500 Silver to give you a brand new hairstyle! You can pay her once, and she will let you try out the different styles until you find the one you like. But please note that each New Dynasty Hairstyle costs 10,000 Silver. It is not cheap, but looking good is worth every Silver!

4. Dye Your Hair: 7 Hair dyes are being sold by the Storekeeper, at a price of 200 Silver, each. Just purchase the color you want from her, and then use the dye in your inventory to have your hair dyed the new color! Couldn't be easier, and it's guaranteed not to wash out!

5. Unique Hairstyles & Items: Some festival quests and events will offer unique garments, hats, hairstyles, weapons, etc. Just keep watching for the latest events to see what could be available!

6. Garments: Most garments are sold in the Shopping Mall, while some special garments can be obtained from the Lottery, or from special quests and events.

7. Dye Armor: If you don't like the color of your armor, you should speak to the Shopboy, in Twin City (296, 250). Pay him a Meteor, and he'll let you enter his shop, where you can dye your armor as many times as you like!

8. Change Name: If you are not fond of your current name, you can speak to Name Registrar in Market(201, 196). Pay some CPs, and you will get a brand new name!