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Simply click Forging icon, then you can compose your equipment.


You can compose your equipment, weapons, and Talismans with other items or +Stones, in order to give your character added Battle Power.

1 Main Item + 1 Minor Item = Composed Item!

Main Item: The item you want to improve.

Minor Item: +1 - +8 Stones or items of the same type, except those that are forbidden to be sold. The minor item will disappear, after the composition. You can compose the Minor Items into your Main Item, to add Composition Points. The minor item must be the same type as the main item. For example, if you want to compose your Archer Hat, the Minor Item will also need to be an Archer Hat. The same goes for weapons. There are 5 types of weapons: Bows, 1-handed, 2-handed, Pistol and the Backsword. You can also use the +1 ~ +8 Stones to compose your Main Items, as they can be used to compose any type of item.

Composed Item: It is your newly composed item!

1. Put the equipment in the left equipment slot.

2. Select Minor items and +stones in your inventory

If you don’t have minor items or +stones, you can click the icon directly to buy.


3. Start compose.


What are Composition Points?

Composition Points
Every +n item will offer a certain amount of Composition Points. The points are used to help compose the Main Item. You can read the table below and see the Composition Points offered by each +n item.

Bonus level of main item Composition Points required to the next level
+0→+1 20
+1→+2 20
+2→+3 80
+3→+4 240
+4→+5 720
+5→+6 2160
+6→+7 6480
+7→+8 19440
+8→+9 58320
+9→+10 2700
+10→+11 5500
+11→+12 9000
Bonus level of minor item/Stones Composition Points containing
+0 0
+1 10
+2 40
+3 120
+4 360
+5 1080
+6 3240
+7 9720
+8 29160

Say you are going to compose your Bow from +1 to +3. According to the left table, you need 100 Composition Points (+1->+2 = 20 points; +2->+3 = 80 points. So, it should be 100.) Now look at the right table, and you can see you can use a +3 Stone (or +3 Bow) as the Minor, which gives 120 Composition Points. After composition, the Bow will be +3, and still have 20 Composition Points left (120-100).

1. +9 or higher items can not be used as a Minor Item. DragonBalls are not able to compose items.
2. Locked items can not be composed as Minor Items.
3. Equipment and weapons with the highest Battle Power of its type can not be composed as Minor Items.
4. Only Items that are Level 15 or higher can gain a +n bonus.
5. You have chance to get +1 items from hunting the monsters in the world.
6. Extra Composition Points on the Minor Item will not count towards the Main Item, when they are composed together.
7. The quality of minor items can not exceed the main items.

Progress means the number of Composition Points on the item. For example, the picture shows 0/20. It means you need 20 Composition Points to reach the next bonus level.

What bonus effects will my item get?

Weapon: Physical Damage
Bow: Physical Damage
Magic Sword: Magic Damage
Headgear (Warrior/Archer/Trojan/Monk/Pirate): Physical Defense
Taoist Cap: Magic Defense
Earring: Magic Defense
Necklace: Physical Defense, Max HP bonus
Bag: Magic Defense, Max HP bonus
Ring: Physical Damage
Heavy Ring: Physical Damage
Bracelet: Magic Damage
Armor: Physical Def, Magic Def
Shoes/Boots: Dodge
Shield: Physical Defense

Remember, a +1 bonus is not actually addition. In other words, it doesn't add +1 to the item's stats, it grants a percentage increase on the item's stats (more like multiplication). So, the +1 on a level 40 item grants much better bonuses than the +1 on a level 25 item.

The +n bonus of an item is not related to the quality of an item (unique, elite, refined, etc.)

A New and Faster Way of Composition:

If you are short on +Stones or you want a faster way to compose your equipment, then you can use the Quick Compose function. After you put in an equipment, which must have some Composition Points left on it, and then you can click the "Quick" button to start a quick composition. If the quick composition is successful, your item will be upgraded to the next composition level directly. If the quick composition fails, the Composition Points you had on the item will be reset, but the composition attribute won't be affected. The success rate of the quick composition depends on how many Composition Points are left on the target item.(Success Rate: Current Composition Points/Composition Points Required)


Batch Composition:

You can use the "Batch Composition " to compose your items more quickly. Simply put in a main item first, click "Batch", then all of your +Stones and available minor items of the same type will be placed inside for the composition. Don’t use this function if you don’t want to use up all available +Stones and minor items on the main item.